During the live broadcast a number of questions were submitted for Jørgen that we simply didn’t have time to cover. However, we did promise that following the event we would make some time to cover them. Here they are… ENJOY!


Ever wondered what a 1-on-1 change-work session with Jørgen was like?



  1. Susanne

    Hi Howard,

    thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch the recording at a convenient time here in Australia.I very much liked the way how you hosted it.
    I worked with Joergen several times and it really worked. I have no longer chronic pain which had been my companion for over 25 years!
    Recently I experienced the feeling of loneliness and sadness combined with the thought “what is the sense of being here on earth?” Sitting in these emotions it suddenly dawned on me that these are experiences which are part of the change. Why adding any meaning to it? This realization was pretty freeing.
    What I also love is when you talked about self-referential thoughts and how the identity is being built. It’s just another concept which needs more clarity for “me” to not get deluded so quickly again.
    I would love to attend the event in May but as I am in Australia I wouldn’t like the long trip for only 3 days mainly. Do you think that the event could be upgraded by including virtual participants? (I attended a retreat with Byron Katie last year in July in Switzerland virtually which I found excellent). If you want me to contact Joergen about this idea I am happy to do so.
    Warm wishes and a big thank you again,

    • Howard

      Hi Susanne,

      Thanks so much for sharing this and really pleased that you enjoyed the event. Hearing how other people have responded to similar ideas to those presented certainly helps to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of working in this way.
      In terms of a “Virtual Event” this is a great idea, but the question is whether or not the “experiential workshop” would carry over into this virtual environment. Will chat with Jørgen about this and we will certainly let people know if attending virtually became and option.


  2. Hamand Vaid

    I’ll second that request Howard! I’m also based in Australia… must be something in the water. 🙂

    Joseph Riggio has been simulcasting for about 15 years so I’d argue that – if done well – it works both technically and in terms of capturing the spirit of the training.

    As a next, best step perhaps a professionally filmed option could be on the cards for a future training?

    • Howard

      Thanks Hamand… good to know! I will explore this in some more detail!

  3. Paulah

    I’m based in Australia too! Perhaps your next natural stop! Lol. Great stuff!

    • Howard

      Wow… certainly seeming that way! 😉

  4. Saul

    Another Australian – certainly very interested in this material – I do hope this will be recorded or streamed. 🙂

    • Howard

      Lol… wow, there must be something in the water! I assure you we are looking into this 😉

      • Saul

        There is definitely something in the water, perhaps because we are a provocative bunch 😉 – good to hear looking into it 🙂


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