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5 strategies for 'suggestions that sizzle'

“What’s important to me is NOT JUST that people realise that change can happen, it’s that they take this knowledge and use it as a force for good in the world.”

Howard Cooper, Founder of Rapid ChangeWorks

What’s Rapid ChangeWorks All About?

There are many people who believe that…

  • Lasting personal change or therapeutic results takes a long time (often years)
  • It needs to be about deep analysis, or self-reflection
  • Reliving past trauma will somehow make your future better
  • Understanding why you have a problem will somehow make it go away.

However… change doesn’t have to be done this way!

I’m on a mission to be a force for good in this world and to do what I can to challenge these all too often, generally accepted concepts… I want to show the world that Rapid Change Works and works well!

Help and support my mission by listening to the podcast, commenting and discussing the blogposts. Keep checking back as I will be adding links to live training events, as well as free access to a variety of useful resources.

Howard Cooper: A Brief Overview

As a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapist, trained Design Human Engineer and Thought Field Therapist I have seen some incredible personal transformations.Howard Media Clips

I have assisted Paul McKenna on the training courses he used to run, I have been the main speaker with Virgin Atlantic on their “Flying Without Fear Course” and I am often in the media appearing as the expert on fears or anxiety with numerous case studies in the press around positive change.

I have over 14 years of experience in training people in communication skills from small workshops to large groups of over 200+. And when it comes to personal change-work, I’m not just spouting theory… I’m putting the skills into practice with real people through regular 1-on-1 sessions.


The Ultimate Change-Workers Reading List… So Far!

The Ultimate Change-Workers Reading List… So Far!

  THE ULTIMATE CHANGE-WORKER'S READING LIST... SO FAR! The rapid change matters podcast is now 1 year old!!!! Woo hoo! Release the party poppers and bring out the cake! (Ok.. just me then…) However, to celebrate I thought I would but together a list called the...

Seeding The Concept Of Transient Problems

Seeding The Concept Of Transient Problems

So I’m driving home, listening to the radio, only half tuning into the monotone drone of the news presenter talking about the inflated property prices in this current “housing price bubble” and I began to contemplate his use of the word “bubble”. Is it not true that...

Approaching Rapid Change Like A BodyBuilder

Approaching Rapid Change Like A BodyBuilder

When I was at university a friend of mine was keen to “pack on some muscle” and so he hit the gym 6 days a week with intense full body workouts each time. Now no-one could criticize his determination or perseverance but despite these best efforts and some moderate...