Stress Free Wedding

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This special 25-minutes “Rapidchangeworks” hypnotic programme is designed to help you relieve wedding jitters and enjoy your big day.

People often have so many concerns as their wedding approaches that whilst they end up physically present they aren’t really mentally present or able to enjoy themselves in the way that they truly deserve.

This powerful Rapid ChangeWorks hypnotic audio will help you to feel calm and relaxed as you approach the event, and also to help create a useful frame of mind so that you can enjoy the day and savour every moment of it.



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Despite people thinking that planning a wedding and getting married should be one of the happiest times of your life, unfortunately it can often turn out to be a time filled with stress, worry and anxiety.

People don’t always want to be the centre of attention, give a speech, dance in public. Perhaps they struggle trying to keep both sides of the families happy and this is all in addition to making the commitment to spend the rest of your life with your chosen partner.

People can feel an enormous pressure as the “big day” approaches and then when it’s actually happening spend all their time so caught up in these worries and concerns that whilst they are physically present at their own wedding they aren’t really mentally present.

What if you could let go of all these worries and concerns so that you could enjoy the experience in the way that you truly deserve?

This powerful 25-minutes ‘Rapid ChangeWorks’ Hypnotic process will help you to build a useful frame of mind, enjoy the day and savour every moment of it.

To make it a special moment that you can look back on and realise you were there, physically and mentally.


Who is it for?

Whether you’re getting married tomorrow, in a few weeks or even a couple of years away (and only just beginning to turn your attention to planning), this audio programme is for you.

Listening to it a couple of times a week is a great way of keeping yourself balanced as you lead up to your special day. But of course you can listen more often if you find that the stresses and anxieties of your impending wedding day are creeping up on you or becoming unmanageable for any reason.

After you download it you can listen to it as often as you wish. People can get the best benefits by putting on a pair of headphones and finding somewhere quiet to listen so that you can fully engage.

Of course, please only listen when it’s safe and appropriate to do so (away from anything else that requires your full attention).


Who is Howard Cooper?

Howard has been happily married now for the past seven years. But he still vividly remembers how months and weeks leading up to a wedding day can be a time filled with unwelcome anxiety and stress. He can also empathise fully with those who may now be experiencing similar feelings, which is why Howard has felt inspired to create this persuasive and powerful hypnotic support programme, which, through his face-to-face work with clients and personal consultations, he has found to provide great support to soon-to-be weds.

Known for helping people to create RAPID shifts in their thinking, Howard rejects the notion that deep and lasting change needs to take a long time.

Drawing on a variety of psychological tools, Howard has supported more than 2,500 individuals over the past 17 years on an international level, regularly bringing about transformational changes to their lives. 

His practical, dynamic and innovative approach has helped people from all walks of life and ages overcome intrusive personal phobias, anxieties and issues that they have often suffered from for years, offering his clients a new lease of life. 

He spent almost two years as the lead psychological presenter on Virgin Atlantic’s critically acclaimed ‘Flying Without Fear’ course, and also appeared as the expert on fear of flying on Channel 4’s documentary ‘Fear of Flying: Caught on Camera’. 

He has also contributed to other media appearing on the BBC, in The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Sun, CEO Magazine, just some of the media who have documented his successful ability to help people change quickly. 

And now he can help you.