Flight Without Fright

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“Wow! I can’t believe it! After 16 years of having to medicate myself in order to fly … nothing has worked as quickly or as effectively as this.” – Victoria

This special 28-minute Rapidchangeworks hypnotic programme is designed to help you overcome a fear of flying so that you can experience ‘FLIGHT WITHOUT FRIGHT’.

You’ve probably already tried, “just thinking positive”, “distracting yourself”, “taking deep breaths” or “trying not to think about it”… but these things don’t work if at some level you have negative associations about flying.

Having helped 1000’s of people to learn to fly with ease and overcome their fears, Howard has created this audio programme to help you break down those old negative thought patterns about flying and replace them with positive associations. Just imagine being able to fly anywhere you wanted without that horrible feeling?


1 review for Flight Without Fright

  1. Victoria Rose (verified owner)

    Wow! I don’t know what to say! After 16yrs of having to medicate myself in order to fly (and still crying) I recently returned from a holiday after listening to this download. Not only did I fly without panic or medication but I actually enjoyed certain aspects of the flight! I can’t believe it. I have tried everything to reduce my fear of flying a nothing has worked as quickly or as effectively as this – I highly highly recommend listening to this download.

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Most people who struggle with a fear of flying tend to report the same thing. They know consciously that flying is the safest form of transport but yet still feel anxious.

Imagine you were locked in a room with a tiger that was prowling towards you, hungry, drooling, about to pounce. How effective would it be if someone just said, “take some deep breaths and think positive?” This wouldn’t work, right? Because some part of you is responding as though there was a mortal threat.

All that has happened is that your thoughts about flying have been mentally placed into that same category of lions and tigers and bears (oh my!).

This powerful 28 minute ‘Rapid ChangeWorks hypnotic audio will help you to identify those negative thoughts about flying and change them so that they have less intensity. Then it will help you to re-associate positive uplifting feelings towards flying, so that you increasingly find yourself being able to fly with more comfort and ease.

Imagine you could travel anywhere without having to limit yourself?


Who is it for?

Whether you’re flying tomorrow, in a few days / months or even if you are just too scared to even book a trip, this audio programme is for you.

Listening to it repeatedly is a great way of reprogramming your mind so that you discover yourself feeling less anxious and more positive about flying.

After you download it you can listen to it as often as you wish and even listen on the plane. People can get the best benefits by putting on a pair of headphones and finding somewhere quiet to listen so that you can fully engage.

Of course, please only listen when it’s safe and appropriate to do so (away from anything else that requires your full attention).


Who is Howard Cooper?

Drawing on a variety of psychological tools, Howard has supported more than 2,500 individuals over the past 17 years on an international level, regularly bringing about transformational changes to their lives.

His practical, dynamic and innovative approach has helped people from all walks of life and ages overcome intrusive personal phobias, anxieties and issues that they have often suffered from for years, offering his clients a new lease of life.

Howard has helped a huge number of people to overcome their fears of flying. This is mainly due to spending almost two years as the lead psychological presenter on Virgin Atlantic’s critically acclaimed ‘Flying Without Fear’ course, and then also appeared as the expert on fear of flying on Channel 4’s documentary ‘Fear of Flying: Caught on Camera’.

Now known for helping people to create RAPID shifts in their thinking, Howard rejects the notion that deep and lasting change needs to take a long time.

He has also contributed to other media appearing on the BBC, in The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Sun, CEO Magazine, LBC just some of the media who have documented his successful ability to help people change quickly.

And now he can help you.