“One of the most gifted trainers I’ve ever met. I’d rate his students’ skills as far beyond the quality several ‘big name trainers’ have produced, ostensibly at the same certification level.”

Jonathan Altfeld (Developer of Knowledge Engineering)

James Tsakalos’

Empty Handed NLP

26th – 29th June & 1st – 4th July – 8 DAYS LIVE

Elstree & Borehamwood

(Just outside London)

Adapt and improvise with ease and expertise.









I am being mentored directly by NLP co-creator Dr John Grinder, and as a trainer I would definitely rate James Tsakalos at par with Dr Grinder.

James is truly a class apart because of his impeccable skills, down to earth attitude, uncompromising quality standards, and relentless efforts in constantly improving his standards.

Mohammed Rafi

(Leading NLP trainer in India and the Middle East)

All of James’ NLP Prac graduates are at a level way above any Master Prac graduates that I’ve seen. They are at a way higher level in terms of skill, competence and ability than pretty much anybody I’ve ever met, anywhere on the planet, other than some really high level NLP Trainers.

James Tripp

(Internationally acclaimed hypnosis trainer and developmental coach)

I originally trained as a Master Practitioner of NLP with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna in London, and have now retrained in Australia with James Tsakalos – and I would seriously suggest that you train with James.

Angela Farlam

(NLP trainer and Mind Coach)


James Tsakalos is an internationally acclaimed NLP Trainer and innovator who has been exploring, teaching, and pushing the boundaries of NLP for nearly twenty years.

An accomplished specialist in the art of modeling expertise, and notorious both for his unreasonably rigorous standards and for going far beyond the limits of what is typically taught on most NLP courses, James is regarded by many well-known NLP experts around the world as one of the best NLP trainers on the planet:  a “trainer’s trainer” in the NLP game.

Deeply committed to lifelong learning, he has learned from dozens of the world’s best trainers, including all three of the co-creators of NLP (Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik), several well-known ‘name brand’ trainers, and many brilliant ‘hidden gem’ trainers you’ve probably never heard of.

Having personally introduced a number of new and innovative developments to the field of NLP,  James is particularly well known as the developer of  Spiral Somatics:   a ground breaking method of reading the subtle physiological indicators of fundamental values, attitudes and core beliefs.

Based in Australia, James occassionally ventures to the UK which means a chance to train with him here is to be jumped upon.

His understanding and insight into human nature and behaviour is extraordinary.

Along with such NLP Masters as Richard Bandler and John La Valle, James Tsakalos is one of only a few people who I can say without reservation have blown me away with their unique combination of tremendous skill and profound insight – and James’ down to earth nature sets him apart, placing him squarely at the top of that list.

Michael Christon

(Leading UK expert on business applications of NLP)

James Tsakalos is one of the most principled, dedicated and skillful NLP trainers in the world today – and someone who moves the field forward by developing powerful new additions to what we do.

If I were anywhere near James when he was training, I’d be there.  Simple as that.

James is amazing and, in my experience, much better than most folks whose names you’re more likely to have heard of.

Michael Perez

(Internationally acclaimed expert on the neurology of NLP and hypnosis)

Are you curious to discover just how much more value & potential can be extracted from  things you’ve learned in the past which can increase your effectiveness both in the work you do and the world around you?


‘Empty Handed NLP’  is an eight day deep dive into learning to work far more flexibly with the core structural elements from which NLP patterns are built – leading to greater personal artistry, more confidence in applying NLP patterns in new and different contexts, and a greatly increased capacity to improvise on the fly … regardless of any inconvenient, challenging or unusual variables that may present themselves in the moment.

People Don't Always Follow A Script

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably done some NLP training in the past.

Maybe recently.  Maybe a while back.  And it’s very likely that you got some great value out of the experience.

You probably dropped some limiting beliefs. Changed some patterns that weren’t serving you. Improved your ability to connect with people.  And you probably developed a lot more control over your emotional state and your responses to circumstances and thoughts that used to ‘trigger’ you.

And you almost certainly met some like-minded people, and may have made some close friends.  Some of those people may even still be among your closest friends today.

And you’ve probably used your skills to make a positive difference in the lives of others:  friends and family.  Maybe colleagues.  Maybe clients of yours.

And all of that is awesome.

And aside from certain skills like rapport, and calibration, and state elicitation – and aside from certain models like the meta model or the Milton model – you probably learned a bunch of ‘techniques’.  And you probably learned them as step by step procedures:  a specific sequence of actions for you to perform.

You may even have had a script.  A special set of magic words …


What do you do when things just aren’t so straightforward?


For example…

You’re trying to do some process with somebody but their three year old keeps tugging on their shirt to get their attention?

Or maybe their English isn’t great and they’re just not responding as expected to your magnificent language patterns.

Maybe you’re all set to run the fast phobia cure until you find out they can’t visualise because they have aphantasia.

Or they have a phobic response to seeing images in their mind …

Or maybe the environment just doesn’t seem conducive to what you had in mind. (Maybe you’re in a board meeting.  Maybe somebody just put you on the phone with a relative in another country where a bomb just went off a block away and they keep getting distracted by the shouting and sirens.)

*(All real examples).


What if all the scripts and all the techniques you already had… contained more information than you realised?

What if you knew how to REALLY look beyond “the script” or beyond “the technique and could reveal and MASTER the underlying structure behind what was really going on?

What if doing this meant that you could suddenly go from being “limited by a script” to being FREE to help in all sorts of different scenarios (mediation and conflict resolution, helping kids learn, facilitating organisational culture change, training horses.  The possibilities are endless!)

This is what EMPTY HANDED NLP is all about.

Dear Friend,

My name is Howard Cooper and I’m the founder of Rapid ChangeWorks… and for the last 3.5 years I have been interviewing leading therapists and ‘agents of change’ (exploring the theme that rapid change is possible) as part of a growing podcast that has now had over 32,000 people tune in!

As part of this process I interviewed James Tsakalos and was enormously impressed by him and his rigourous and detailed training standards.

Having trained myself as an NLP Master Practitioner & trainer I had always thought of myself as being “pretty good” at this stuff. And indeed I have helped 1000’s of people over the years with all sorts of issues where often my skill and knowledge of NLP has played a pivotal role.

During this interview, however, it became apparent to me that this guy’s understanding and ability to use NLP was in a league of his own. However, he was adamant that people can learn how to be this good at it and that it wasn’t magic, or talent… it was decent training.

As I reflected on my own training in NLP, which had often consisted of short intensive courses with very little way of examining or regulating who made it as a practitioner or master practitioner I began to feel that perhaps I too could increase my own skillset. 

And instead of feeling as though “I know this NLP stuff… I am a trainer” I wondered what could happen if I opened back up to the possibility that “much to learn their still was!”

I thought if I got the chance I would go to Australia and re-do my NLP training! (You know that old saying, if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed…)

However, realistically, as a father of 2 young kids at school and UK based commitments… moving to Australia for months on end is not always the most feasible of possibilities.

Never the less, my interview with him and seeing the testimonials from those who trained with him carried on blowing my mind. And my itch to see this guy and train with him grew further.

Reading other NLP trainers whom I greatly respect and admire all comment that JAMES TSAKALOS is one of the best NLP Trainers in the world just increased that itch.

And so… I wondered whether I could, on this occasion, bring the “Mountain to Mohammed”.

The mountain said YES!!!!

This is why I’m so excited to bringing James Tsakalos over to London for this incredible opportunity.


“I have experienced a number of NLP trainers in Australia, and I’ve found James to be the one most dedicated to his craft.  Before you do anything about NLP training, speak to James Tsakalos.”

Donna McGeorge, (Author, speaker and trainer of superstar facilitators)


James believes strongly in tailoring every workshop specifically for the unique group of participants in the room! In other words, it is his skill as a trainer, that allows him to help YOU understand, develop and integrate the skills needed so you can start your journey of creating magical communication, changes and influence with nothing but your bare hands.


The 8 DAYS OF TRAINING WILL get you doing stuff:


Practical Experience

Have chance to actually implement and put this stuff into practice. The days of people waffling at you with powerpoint in the background are gone (sense of relief… phew!) The time for getting this stuff into your body is nigh!


Hand's on Support

Direct interaction and access to James throughout the training where he can personally guide and input your learning experience!


James is passionate and fastidious about the quality of his training. His finely tuned training skills leave no stone unturned whether that’s knowing the precise room size (in sq. metres) required to help people learn best or how to set out the room in a way that’s “just right”.

The standards he keeps are meticulous and calculated to help people get the most out their experience of learning with him and with this in mind is offering a maximum of 20 people in the room (which includes ME).

This is therefore an opportunity that if you are interested in you should TAKE ACTION NOW.

It’s an almost unparalleled opportunity in the UK to elevate your NLP standards.

“One of the few NLP trainers I truly respect.””

Gabriel Guerrero

 Richard Bandler’s co-trainer for ten years, described by Richard as one of the five best trainers in the world


Reserve your seat RIGHT NOW for this

8-Day Live event with James Tsakalos and take your NLP to the next level.

26th – 30th JUNE & 1st – 4th JULY

Elstree & Borehamwood (Just outside London)


Work beyond just “Scripts” and “Techniques”
Better understand core patterns and structures of NLP
Implement your NLP in many different scenarios easily and without a step-by-step instructions sheet.
Adapt, improvise with ease and expertise.
Uncover the gold that lays beneath the stuff you already know.



Registration is just £1997 (inc.VAT)

Just £1557 (inc.VAT) until March 25th 2020 at 8pm (GMT) London
Once the first 10 places are taken!

Reserve NOW before the price goes up!


(Payment plans can be made available by request – for information email info@rapidchange.works)

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What does James Tripp (Blogger, Explorer, Psychonaut, Creator and Hypnosis Developer) say about EMPTY HANDED NLP after hosting James Tsakalos in Edinburgh last year?


Q: Who is this training for? Do I need to know NLP first?

The training is for anyone who is already a Practitioner, Master Practicioner or Trainer of NLP. In other words this is NOT for beginners and is likely the best fit for people who serious about advancing their NLP skills.


NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Empty handed NLP is all about being able to adapt, improvise and scale up your flexibility to use NLP in all manner of scenarios (mediation and conflict resolution, helping kids learn, facilitating organisational culture change, training horses.  The possibilities are endless!) Of course it is also useful if you work with clients therapeutically too.

Q: Where can I eat?

Lunches can be pre-ordered at the venue and their is an onsite restuarant and coffee shop. The high-street a 3 mins car ride also has lots of places to eat and in the evenings you could always venture easily into Central London.

Included in booking will be Teas, Coffees and Cookies 😉 You won’t go hungry!

Q: Who shouldn’t attend?

If you are just looking for “quick fix”, a new script or the latest protocol/technique then this is probably NOT for you.

Q: Where is the venue?

Elstree & Borehamwood is just on the edge of North London and 1000’s of people commute into central London everyday on the train (which takes just over 20 mins).

Elstree & Borehamwood is the home of the UK’s film industry and Elstree studios is home to the Big Brother house, Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing to name a few (and back in the 70’s parts of Superman and Indiana Jones were filmed here too!)

Whilst, the venue is just a 3 mins cab ride from the local station / high street, car and public transport details will be sent to delegates upon booking. Rest assured there are plenty of hotels and a bustling high street to keep you occupied during downtime, as well as easy links to Central London.

The venue offers ample parking and good motorway connections too.

Q: Where can I stay?

After booking your place, we will send you details of some local options to stay. The training venue also has plenty of rooms with a special delegate booking rate which you will get access too.


Check out the videos below to learn more about the “in’s” and “out’s” of Empty Handed NLP


Thoughts, comments, ideas, questions? Can’t find the information you are looking for above? Feel free to get in touch!

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There are many people who believe that lasting personal change or therapeutic results takes a long time (often years) or that it needs to be about deep analysis, reliving past trauma or simply about understanding why you have a problem.

However… change doesn’t have to be done this way! Rapid ChangeWorks was set up to pull together high quality resources, information, training that gives real change-workers the skills and mindset to achieve Rapid and lasting positive change. Initially this has been in form of a growing podcast which you can check out here: www.rapidchange.works

Check out: JAMES TSAKALOS’ Interview on the RAPID CHANGE MATTERS PODCAST (This is what kicked off this whole thing!)

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