“This is the stuff of genius”

John Grinder (NLP Co-Founder)

in relation to Jørgen’s Book – Provocative Hypnosis

In The Mind Of Jørgen Rasmussen

Witness Jørgen’s real client sessions & model success

8th, 9th, 10th May 2020

Elstree & Borehamwood

(Just outside London)

After 22 years of honing his “Psychological Illusion Model of hypnosis and change” Jørgen has been teaching this model all around the world to 100’s of therapists and change-workers.









“He knows how to sort through the  mess, differentiate what’s important from what’s not and knows just where to tap. And the key thing is…

HE GETS RESULTS And not only that, he can show you how to do the same very same.”

Lewis Walker, MD


“I have seen Jørgen demonstrate how a change may occur in individuals with severely disabling mental barriers. Jørgens solid theoretical knowledge background in different fields such as psychology, Hypnosis and NLP is extensive. His way of helping people to find their resources inspires trust.”


Peter Lennig, Psychiatrist

“Jorgen’s experience as a forward thinking, experimental trainer, was conveyed in a way that I felt I was GETTING ACCESS TO SECRETS THAT FEW PEOPLE KNEW. The clients that I used to dread walking through my office door, I now look forward to…”

Bean Sopwith – The Body Alchemist

Meet Jørgen Rasmussen

Jørgen has worked professionally as an ‘agent of change’ for over twenty years, eight of those running an “impossibles practice”, seeing clients who hadn’t succeeded with ‘traditional approaches’ on a “NO CHANGE NO PAY” basis!

His work combines meditation, NLP (certified trainer), hypnosis and both western and eastern approaches to psychology.

He is the author of the books “Provocative Hypnosis” and “Provocative Suggestions” which have been hugely well received by other leading peers.

In fact, John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) says of his work… “this is the stuff of genius”!

Jørgen also worked for sixteen years as a reality based self defence instructor…

I cannot recommend Jørgen highly enough, he is the most powerful agent of change that I have ever spent time with and I have worked with some of the most well known in the world.

I can’t tell you how he does it, all I can say is that all the reading, seminar attending and intellectual understanding of things did not resolve my inner conflicts, but Jørgen was able to take me to real knowing in a few short hours. Extraordinary doesn’t come close to describing his ability, he truly is amongst only a handful of people on the planet that can impact ones life at this.

Matt Williams

Sydney Australia, December 2015

“I am really looking forward to teaching this model of change and revealing what it is I’m actually doing in my client sessions that seems to generate these (often) almost magical results!”

Jørgen Rasmussen


Imagine walking in the desert and suddenly you see a snake in front of you.

Immediately, your heart begins to pound, your palms get sweaty, the mouth gets dry, and you have catastrophic thinking about being bitten.

Imagine that you are able to stop and take a closer look….and when you do so , you realize that there is NO SNAKE….it’s JUST A ROPE.

The moment you see that the snake is a rope it’s game over, you have seen through a psychological illusion and all those “real” physiological responses disappear… NOT through positive thinking… or from implementing complex strategies… but from simply seeing through the psychological illusion.

Jørgen is convinced that what people call mental illness such as depression anxiety, phobias, compulsions, PTSD and trauma etc are mostly just variations of seeing a snake where there really is just a rope.

So the psychological illusion model of hypnosis and change-work is a systematic way of fusing thought experiments, hypnotic phenomena, games and stories to help people penetrate the illusions that are behind their unnecessary suffering.

So people don’t just consciously get the “oh it’s just a rope” they FEEL & KNOW it with a full embodied response!

What if you could help people see through the illusion of anxiety, depression, compulsions, or almost all other areas of personal suffering?

So What Is So Special About This “In the mind of Jørgen Rasmussen” Training?

Let me share with you a couple of challenges I’ve noticed having run a number of Psychological Illusion Model Trainings over the years with Jørgen.



Challenge 1:


I have been fortunate enough to see Jørgen in action on a number of occasions and whenever I do I almost always notice the same kind of thoughts emerging.

– “What is going on in his head right now?”
– “What is it that he has seen or noticed in the client that informs the next step of where to come at this from?”
– “How great would it be if I could pause time and ask him, ‘Hey Jørgen, why is that you’re telling this story at this particular moment? Or exploring this angle?”

This challenge always gets me thinking is there a way we could capture or at least get close to capturing this?


Challenge 2:


Another thing I’ve noticed…

Often on previous Psychological Illusion Model Trainings, Jørgen is doing multiple things. He is both helping you, the audience, have a personal insight and self-discovery as to the illusory nature of thought AND simultaneously he’s showing you how to help others / clients have their own insights and discovery’s into the illusory nature of thought for themselves.

With this challenge comes an interesting ‘blurring of lines’ and there have been a few occasions where delegates have asked for clarification, “Jørgen are you telling us this to help US “get this” or is are you actually showing us what you do with a client during a real session”?

So the challenge is how can we bring clarity to people regarding exactly how Jørgen carries out his client sessions?


The Solution:

With this in mind we wanted to find a way of tackling these two challenges…


What if there was a psychological illusion model training that let you essentially be a fly on the wall during Jørgen’s real client sessions?


What if you had a chance to ask Jørgen questions after his sessions about what, why and when he did the things he did?


What if you were able to follow up with the progress of these clients and even saw follow up sessions (with the same ability to ask further questions)?


What if you saw complete client sessions with real clients (not people from the hypnosis or NLP world who have invested in a training) but real ‘lay-people’ (people non-initiated with our magical ways) who are just like the same kind of people who come to see us day in and day out looking for results?


What if as well as helping you deepen your understanding of the psychological illusion model yourself, you also got crystal clear on how Jørgen navigates his client sessions from start to finish?

We are offering, over the course of 3-days, an unparalleled opportunity to model Jørgen in action with REAL clients.


Often, within the training world of hypnosis/NLP & change’ trainers end up doing demos on attendees who have also paid to learn the skills. And let’s be honest, the demo subjects therefore, have an invested interest in being compliant) Whilst I’m not saying that doing demos on audience members have no value at all, we have to recognise there is a difference between someone who comes off the street wanting a result (someone who hasn’t had years of being interested and invested in personal change.)

We are doing thing differently.

Day 1 – teaching the Psychological Illusion Model, in anticipation of watching Jørgen apply the tools.

Day 2 – We bring 3 real clients (with differing issues) to the training so we can see Jørgen in action

Day 3 – They return for a follow up session and we watch how Jørgen navigates a second session.

After each of the sessions there will be time for Q&A’s to pick Jørgen’ brain and establish the reason he moved in the directions he did.


Those attend this event will get access to a private facebook group only for those who attend this training. Where we will also keep you updated about any further sessions that occur with these 3 real clients and keep you in the loop with the results they experience. We want this to be you having access (as close as we possibly can) to the complete process of Jørgen working with clients (including follow ups and updates). Sound good!


How serious are you in modelling Jørgen?

All of the above offers incredible value to anyone interested in the field of change. However, there maybe some of you who wish to take it even further and really get involved with the PREMIUM MODELLING PACKAGE (forgive the unoriginal name).



Well for people who register for this ‘premium modelling skills’ package… in addition to all the above, you will also have the facility to upload your own client sessions for personal mentoring support as you apply these skills.

Essentially, Jørgen and Howard will offer critique, suggestions, constructive advice and practical guidance on how to improve based on the real sessions that you share with us.

Whilst these sessions and the feedback will be made available to all those who attended the training, the person that clearly benefits the most is the one brave enough… committed enough… serious enough… to allow themselves the gift of learning through this premium modelling experience.

Imagine you could help people create powerful personal change even WITHOUT working directly on their issue!


This is NOT one of those events where we are interested in getting 100’s of people to attend! Jørgen is keen that we keep the class size to a manageable number, so that there is enough time and space to really interact with people and give the personal direction needed to learn this way of working.

More than his book if you get the chance to meet the man, or attend a training he is delivering… DO IT! You will be blown away and inspired!
John Phelan

NLP Trainer, Echelon NLP

YES! I Want To Secure My Place NOW

Reserve your place RIGHT NOW for this amazing opportunity to model Jørgen Rasmussen

8th, 9th, 10th May 2020 – (Please note: Friday 8th is a bank holiday)

Elstree & Borehamwood (Just outside London)

Real Clients
Real follow ups
Raw and unedited experience.



Registration is just £879 (inc.VAT) 

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Comparison Table…


Following the training, you will also get access to a private facebook group where Jørgen will answer ongoing questions and engage in discussion to further help you embed the skills from the workshop into your daily lives. ONLY those who have trained with Jørgen have access.

Frequently Asked Asked Questions…

Q: Can I use this model with other ways of working?

The ‘Psychological Illusion Model’ is an amazing way of working with clients that gives you more flexibility and more tools for the proverbial “toolbox”. It certainly DOESN’T conflict with other models and so it can be used alongside whatever else you currently use.

However, it’s the overarching themes of giving people the embodied sense of “they are just thoughts” that means Jørgen pretty much uses this with most clients “day in-day out” and often sees profound and generative changes as a result!

Q: What experience level do I need to get value from the workshop?

The workshop will combine concepts, games, thought experiments, tools and techniques that will help people see through the illusion of thinking which can then be applied to both “one-self” or with others. The additional point is that this stuff is not like some of Jørgen’s previous work in that it is (quoting Jørgen now) “one of the easiest models of change to implement and to transfer to others”.
This is why he is confident about people finding immense value in the training even if they are coming from different levels of background experience.

Q: Can I use this model with my clients immediately after the training?

Jørgen thinks this is one of the easiest and most transferable models to teach. The few people that Jørgen has already shown this model to, have found it relatively easy to implement and begin to use with real clients straight away! It’s also a very good tool for self application!

Q: Where is the venue?

Elstree & Borehamwood is just on the edge of North London and 1000’s of people commute into central London everyday on the train (which takes just over 20 mins).

Elstree & Borehamwood is the home of the UK’s film industry and Elstree studios is home to the Big Brother house, Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing to name a few (and back in the 70’s parts of Superman and Indiana Jones were filmed here too!)

Whilst, the venue is just a 3 mins cab ride from the local station / high street, car and public transport details will be sent to delegates upon booking. Rest assured there are plenty of hotels and a bustling high street to keep you occupied during downtime, as well as easy links to Central London.

The venue offers ample parking and good motorway connections too.

Q: Where can I stay?

After booking your place, we will send you details of some local options to stay. The training venue also has plenty of rooms with a special delegate booking rate which you will get access too.

Thoughts, comments, ideas, questions? Can’t find the information you are looking for above? Feel free to get in touch!

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There are many people who believe that lasting personal change or therapeutic results takes a long time (often years) or that it needs to be about deep analysis, reliving past trauma or simply about understanding why you have a problem.

However… change doesn’t have to be done this way! Rapid ChangeWorks was set up to pull together high quality resources, information, training that gives real change-workers the skills and mindset to achieve Rapid and lasting positive change. Initially this has been in form of a growing podcast which you can check out here: www.rapidchange.works

The moment this event was born!

This is Jørgen and I meeting for the first time at the UK Hypnosis convention 2017 having just agreed he would come to the UK for the first ever Psychological Illusion Model Training… looks excited doesn’t he!

Since then we have become good friends and I continue to learn much from him.

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