You may have seen him on BBC3’s Panic Room… or  FREAKY EATERS and wondered…

 “How is he getting these extraordinary results?”

Felix Economakis’

‘4Rs Model’

13th – 14th October 2018

Elstree & Borehamwood

(Just outside Central London)


(Everything from the moment the client arrives to the moment they leave WITH A RESULT!)


“I was fascinated to watch Felix Economakis for the first time in action, fix someone’s SED after being traumatised with it for more than 30 years. Not only COULD she eat but I didn’t think we’d get her to stop. LOL”

Bob Burns, Hypnosis Trainer & legendary creator of The Swan

“Amazing. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your knowledge!

Lance Baker

Today I saw a 44 yr old SED client. Gagging issues and restricted diet. She was in tears after the session as she ate everything without gagging. She couldn’t believe it. Felix, thank you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!”

Glenn Robertson – Change-worker using the 4R’s Model in Australia

Meet Felix Economakis

Felix is a chartered psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. He has demonstrated amazing results using his 4R’s model with hyper-phobics on BBC3’s “The Panic Room”, as well as on the TV show “Freaky Eaters”.


Felix believes in leading by example so in the course of his TV work he has walked over burning coals, jumped out of a plane, broken through a 2 inch wooden board with the palm of his hand, and held all manner of tarantulas, snakes and giant hissing cockroaches to illustrate how we can all learn to manage our anxiety.

Asides from these more dramatic displays of therapy for fears and phobias, Felix has been interviewed on radio and has dozens of articles on the most common psychological conditions affecting modern society: chronic anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, relationship conflicts and the feeling that something is missing is life. (Images are stills taken from “The Wright Stuff” And BBC Beyond 100 Days)

He remains passionate about promoting the benefits of modern integrative therapy in all these areas and has written a book on how the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind determines our emotional and mental health.

“I am really looking forward to sharing my 4Rs Model. This is the culmination of over 20 years of refining my process and is responsible for the exceptional results I get! It’s time to share!”

Felix Economakis


Imagine you knew how to sequence your sessions in way that helped the client to create change… without the need to formally hypnotise them?

Imagine a ‘cut to the chase’ therapy that moves the client away from ‘intellectually talking about the issue’ but instead helps the client get to the crux of the real problem almost immediately.

What if helping the client change were as simple as checking off a number of boxes in their mind… and… once they were ticked… the results appeared… regardless of whether hypnosis had happened!

This is what the 4R’s are all about!


Rapport, Reconciliation, Responsibility & Rewire.

In it’s simplest form… this is a complete framework you can apply to your client sessions that WILL take your results to the next level.

A premier framework for phobias, trauma and anxiety based issues… that is ALSO applicable to other approaches!

Tried, tested and then refined over 20 years, the 4R’s model is the reason why Felix is the most sought after change-worker for dealing with Selective Eating Disorder (Now known as ARFID) and has literally helped well over 2500 change their patterns of behaviour.

This is a well honed complete framework and he is ready to share it with you!

Imagine you knew how to sequence your sessions in way that helped the client to create change… WITHOUT the need to formally hypnotise them?

Dear Hypnotist/Change-worker,

My name is Howard Cooper and I’m the founder of Rapid ChangeWorks… and for well over 2 years I have been interviewing leading therapists and ‘agents of change’ (exploring the theme that rapid change is possible) as part of a growing podcast that has now had over 25,000 people tune in!

Why am I passionate about getting Felix’s model out?

The very first interview I ever recorded as part of this project was with FELIX ECONOMAKIS (following which he kindly introduced me to a number of other potential podcast guests and so the podcast was born.)

As a thank you (for helping me get this project started), I offered to take him out for a meal, and he graciously accepted.

Over dinner we ‘hit it off’ and got chatting about all things change… (I myself have been working for over 15 years helping people to create rapid shifts in their thinking too).

Anyway, half way through dinner I said to him…

“So tell me Felix, give me the detail… what are you actually doing with people that’s generating these consistently good results?”

He leaned forwards and replied…

“Well I like you Howard… and there IS A SECRET… a kind of process that I have refined that I haven’t come across or seen done anywhere else… BUT if I’m honest… I’m just not ready to share yet.”

SERIOUSLY!!! Can you imagine how I felt? I’m about to receive the “golden information” only to be left with nothing!

Cutting a long story short… we became good friends but it was another 2 years before I finally learnt the secret  (whilst filming some live demos as part of an online training I was helping him put together).

So what was this SECRET formula?


Well it was the 4Rs. Essentially his secret is his entire model of change (from the moment the client enters to the moment they leave with the result AND often WITHOUT any formal “close your eyes” hypnosis.)

If I’m totally honest… my response on seeing it in action (after almost 2 years of waiting) was one of UNDERWHELM!

I had been gearing up to see the MAGIC SECRET… see the LIGHTENING shoot from his eyes… THE BOLTS OF POWER emanating… but INSTEAD what I saw was something that didn’t seem like magic…

In fact, seemed entirely learnable, seemed almost sequenced, processed and replicable!

HOWEVER, never the less… it seemed to yield staggering results

(In fact the first demo I saw was with a 14 year old who had spent 2 years in and out of Great Ormond Street hospital on feeding tubes as she was SO PHOBIC of food! And just 50 mins later her mum was sobbing with tears of joy as she watched her daughter eat normal foods!)

After learning the 4Rs it became a mainstay of my client work and to this day continues to surprise me with how easy it is to use, how flexible it is… AND how great the results are.

HOWEVER, the delivery and the framework are underwhelming. SO if you are the sort of change-worker that wants to BEND someone to your will… demonstrate the latest POWER trance or have them thinking that YOU have magic powers and can MAKE them change… then this is NOT for you!

However, if you are serious change-worker… wanting to increase your client effectiveness… without the need for EGO… then KEEP READING!

Let me share with you a testimonial I got after I used the 4Rs with an 11 year old emetophobic. The father wrote this…

It’s hard to believe the change in my 11 year old son after seeing Howard. After many years of suffering from an extreme vomit phobia he now no longer gives it a second thought. The methods Howard uses are relaxed, offbeat and funny, so much so that you find it hard to believe they will have any effect! Nevertheless my sons mental wellbeing has dramatically improved to the point where he can enjoy life as any child should without the burden of that worry. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Howard. Carl, Hertfordshire

I love the line where he says… “the methods are relaxed, offbeat and funny… so much so that you find it hard to believe they will have any effect!”

I hear this kind of thing I hear all the time! This is the power of the 4Rs!

Imagine regularly receiving testimonials like this… Imagine being able to help more people… Imagine what effect that could have on your business and client numbers?

NO!!! It’s NOT JUST ‘another protocol!’

How many times have you have seen a NEW training in the world of hypnosis or NLP purporting to give you a “new” protocol, a “new” technique or a “new” method?

And they use the phrase, “Another tool for the toolbox”?

And maybe if it’s good “tool” you use it a few times after with real clients… BUT… it’s still a JUST ONE TOOL…

So many people end up being let loose after a bunch of training with a bunch of different tools… BUT still NOT sure what to say to a real client when they first walk in… OR how to sequence these tools, techniques and protocols in order to maximise results.


OR they are managing ok… BUT things “swerve of course” when someone seems resistant, doesn’t want to close their eyes or simply seems unresponsive.

What if, instead of giving you another tool for the toolbox… we gave you the WHOLE toolbox along with transcripts and details of what order to use everything in from start to finish?

What Felix wants to share with you GOES BEYOND a mere protocol or another technique…

It’s EVERYTHING he does from the moment the client walks in all the way through to them leaving the session HAPPY with the result.

Effective with the engaged client who WANTS a change… but also equally applicable to the stroppy unengaged teenager who is sitting with their arms folded being “unresponsive”.

This is NOT about giving you one more protocol and creating a tribe of sycophantic protocol pushers lauding this “new thing” as the panacea for all ails! It is about sharing with a respectful and select group of responsible and serious change-workers an entire process for change that will not only transform their clients lives BUT potentially their business lives as a change-worker by helping people consistently deliver results.

“I told my husband that you said ‘I’m not a magician’, And he said ‘well he’s the closest thing to it that I’ve ever seen!’ I have to agree 🙂 Thank you again”

Christine MacManus – (mother of Finn 13 years old) – dog phobia and ARFID

What Can I Expect When I Invest In “The 4Rs Training Programme”?

How many times have you been on a training day, but the moment you leave you are “on your own”?

This is more than a mere 2-day live training. This is EVERYTHING you need to hone an approach that will lead to extraordinary results for your clients.

You investment includes, but is not limited too:


2-Days LIVE Training

Spend 2-days amongst a group of other serious change-workers learning Felix Economakis’ entire system.

Live Demos - REAL Clients

Many trainings use audience members as demos and whilst this will happen too (a valid teaching tool) we are ALSO aware that sometimes people who have paid to be there have an invested interest in the “system” working. However, we are also arranging for a number of REAL clients who have NEVER met Felix to attend (and are NOT invested change-workers) for you to see Felix in action.

Hand's on Support

Through exercises and practice. Felix will guide and give you hand’s on support in applying the 4Rs model.

Full Transcripts

Takeaway an entire 20+page script of every metaphor, sequence, process, strategy that Felix employs when running this 4Rs model! EVEN just this alone is worth the price of admission!

Private Access to Ongoing Support Group

Following the training, become part of an elite private facebook group for ONLY people who are part of this programme to ask, discuss, share and get further support from Felix on an ongoing basis following the training.

INCLUDED: Full Access to Online 4Rs Training

All the concepts broken down, Live demo’s filmed with accompanying detailed breakdowns, downloadable resources, areas to leave comments and discuss with fellow trainees. Everything you need to master and hone this way of working EVEN after the 2 live training days.

Follow up LIVE Webinar

2 months following the live days, Felix will host a digital training session to make sure you have the support you need to keep this on track. Essentially it’s an opportunity for Felix to help you guide around any issues or difficulties that may have emerged in actually USING the system.

10 Hours CPD

In addition because of the calibre of the training and the material covered, attending the two day training entitles the trainee to 10 hours of CPD validated by the Very Brief Therapy Foundation which is signed off on by Professor Windy Dryden.

Limited SPACES! Ensure maximum tailored training experience

This is NOT a “fill the room with 100’s of people” event. This is deliberately  only going to be available to a handful of people so that Felix can manage the learning experience so that YOU can get maximum benefit.

What a delight to be part of this. A true master” – Rob R.

“Thank you Felix you are a wonderful trainer” – Tim.

“It all makes sense. Love it!” – Annalise

“Thanks for the awesome learnings” – Kara

“Brilliant stuff Felix. Can’t wait to put them to work!” – Andy G.

“Felix your passion and ‘coming-from-your-heart’ to teach and guide us to be great therapists is mind-blowing. Thank you!” – Marg.

“Amazing. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your knowledge! – Lance Baker

*A small sample of comments from a soft-launch training of the 4Rs


BECAUSE Felix is going to finally revealing EVERYTHING he does from start to finish WITHOUT holding anything back (along with additional ongoing value and support) this is NOT going to be for everyone.

In fact it is limited spaces aimed at only those who are really serious in investing in their therapy business and skills development.

This is for serious change-workers who are looking to invest in modelling excellence.

In fact, meet Glenn, who having saw Felix do a live demo in Australia with staggering results (with a real client – NOT an paid audience member who is already invested in seeing it work), he invested £1000’s on flights to the UK to spend 2 days with Felix watching him work.

Since then, his serious investment has paid dividends and in the last 6 months has seen over 100 clients for selective eating issues… with over 90% success rate and he is becoming known in Australia as one of the foremost authorities in this area.

IN FACT, hear him talk about it himself.

“It’s a framework that gives you confidence in addressing most presenting issues. My business has increased exponentially as a result of applying this way of working.

My investment of flying to London and training with Felix was recouped in a matter of weeks.

The 4R’s is to therapy, what Google Maps is to successful navigating.”

Glenn Robertson

YES! I Want To Secure My Place NOW

Reserve your seat RIGHT NOW for the

4Rs Model Training Programme


13th – 14th OCTOBER – LONDON

Theobald Street
(Just 20 Mins on Overground train from Kings Cross, London)

Experienced 2-days of hands on live training and practical support/implementation directly with Felix
A complete framework for change that applies from the client walking in to leaving with the results!
Access to Ongoing Support tools to help embed this framework into your own practice.
An approach that can be applied to ‘resistant’ and ‘unresponsive’ clients.
Full reference transcripts
Witnessed real client demo’s to help you model success.





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Following the training, you will also get access to a private facebook group where Felix will answer ongoing questions and engage in discussion to further help you embed the skills from the programme into your daily lives. ONLY those who attend this event will have access.

Frequently Asked Asked Questions…

Q: Can I use this model with other ways of working?

This model can be used alongside other ways of working. However, if anything it simply gives you a formula and a way of looking at the therapeutic that will help you sequence and even make sense of many of the existing tools that you may already have.

Q: What experience level do I need to get value from the workshop?

This a complete system for therapy and can be used by the seasoned professional looking to improve their results or even someone just starting out who is looking to make a real impact from day 1!

Q: Do I have to be a hypnotist or NLP’er?

NO!!! It’s not necessary to be a qualified hypnotist or experienced NLP’er. Psychotherapists, counsellors, cognitive behavioural therapists (anyone who is interested in streamlining and improving the results they get) can benefit from this model.

Q: Will I go hungry?

NO!!!! During the training, there will be teas, coffees and cookies provided. Additionally there are plenty of places to eat or grab food in the local vicinity within a 5 mins walk.

Q: Can I use this model with my clients immediately after the training?

Immediately following the training you will be able to implement this training with great affect. The information is highly learnable and whilst over time you will refine it… people will be able to get excellent results almost straight away.

Q: Where is the venue for the live 2-Days?

The Kinetic Business Centre, Elstree & Borehamwood is just on the edge of North London and 1000’s of people commute into central London everyday on the train (which takes just over 20 mins).

Elstree & Borehamwood is the home of the UK’s film industry and Elstree studios is home to the Big Brother house, Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing to name a few (and back in the 70’s parts of Superman and Indiana Jones were filmed here too!)

Whilst, car and public transport details will be sent to delegates upon booking. Rest assured there are plenty of hotels and a bustling high street to keep you occupied, as well as easy links to Central London.

Q: Where can I stay?

After booking your place… we will send you details of some local options to stay.

Thoughts, comments, ideas, questions? Can’t find the information you are looking for above? Feel free to get in touch!

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There are many people who believe that lasting personal change or therapeutic results takes a long time (often years) or that it needs to be about deep analysis, reliving past trauma or simply about understanding why you have a problem.

However… change doesn’t have to be done this way! Rapid ChangeWorks was set up to pull together high quality resources, information, training that gives real change-workers the skills and mindset to achieve Rapid and lasting positive change. Initially this has been in form of a growing podcast which you can check out here:

Felix and I hanging out… chatting about all things change!
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