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8th, 9th & 10th May 2020

In The Mind Of Jørgen Rasmussen

Witness Jørgen’s real client sessions & model success

After 22 years of honing his “Psychological Illusion Model of hypnosis and change” Jørgen has been teaching this model all around the world to 100’s of therapists and change-workers.

Now you can model Jørgen in action as you watch him with real clients as a fly on the wall. Ask questions about how and why he does what he was all whilst deepening your insight of the psychological illusion model.

26th – 29th June & 1st – 4th July

James Tsakalos’ – EMPTY HANDED NLP

Adapt and improvise with ease and expertise

‘Empty Handed NLP’ is an eight day deep dive into learning to work far more flexibly with the core structural elements from which NLP patterns are built – leading to greater personal artistry, more confidence in applying NLP patterns in new and different contexts, and a greatly increased capacity to improvise on the fly … regardless of any inconvenient, challenging or unusual variables that may present themselves in the moment.


Imagine you knew how to sequence your sessions in way that helped the client to create change… without the need to formally hypnotise them?

Imagine a ‘cut to the chase’ therapy that moves the client away from ‘intellectual talking therapies’ but instead helps the client get to the crux of the real problem almost immediately.

What if helping the client change were as simple as checking off a number of boxes in their mind… and… once they were ticked… the results appeared… regardless of whether hypnosis had happened!

Felix Economakis, is a chartered psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. He has demonstrated amazing results using his 4R’s model with hyper-phobics on BBC3’s “The Panic Room”, as well as on the TV show “Freaky Eaters” and he is ready to share this model with you…


The psychological illusion model of hypnosis and change work is a systematic way of fusing thought experiments, hypnotic phenomena, games and stories to help people penetrate the illusions that are behind their unnecessary suffering.

Jørgen Rasmussen has worked professionally as an ‘agent of change’ for over twenty years, eight of those running an “impossibles practice”. His work combines meditation, NLP (certified trainer), hypnosis and both western and eastern approaches to psychology. He is the author of the books “provocative hypnosis” and “provocative suggestions” which have been hugely well received by other leading peers.In fact, John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) says of his work… “this is the stuff of genius”!