How to achieve ‘Peace of Mind’ in times of uncertainty


PROGRAMME BEGINS – Monday 18th May 2020 at 8pm

12 weeks of support JUST £1 per day

(For you and your family)

FREE for Health/Social Care Keyworkers

With Howard Cooper, The UK’s Leading Rapid Change Anxiety Consultant



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Having helped over 2,500 people in the last 17 years to manage their anxieties and reduce stress, I wanted to create something to help people during this challenging time of coronavirus pandemic.

So I have come up with this special online programme at a massively reduced price and made it free for NHS key workers*

Do you identify with any of the following?


Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and anxious at all this talk about corona?


Are you struggling to get stuff done because your focus is taken up by intrusive thoughts about the virus?


Are you feeling under pressure to home school children to a certain standard whilst juggling your ‘working from home’ tasks?


Is the uncertainty of everything going on at present significantly affecting your mental health?


Are you having health anxieties and constantly asking yourself, “do I have the virus? can I breathe” etc?


Do you know someone who hasn’t survived the virus and are now both grief stricken and living in fear yourself?


Overwhelmed by concerns about the economy, finances or future job/work prospects?

If you answered YES to any of these above questions then read on, this corona anxiety online support programme is designed for you.

“Since I last saw you I have had ZERO feelings of anxiety, not one! I genuinely believe that’s down to you and our sessions, my mind has been re programmed for sure. If I’ve had a thought that would’ve normally led to feelings of anxiety within a second it’s gone! Thank you so much it’s made such a difference to mine and my family’s life. ”

Hannah, P – London

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About Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper is one of Britain’s leading ‘Rapid Change’ consultants,  hypnotherapists and anxiety specialists. Known for helping people to create RAPID shifts in their thinking, Howard rejects the notion that deep and lasting change needs to take a long time.

Drawing on a variety of psychological tools, Howard has supported more than 2,500 individuals over the past 17 years on an international level, regularly bringing about transformational changes to their lives.

His practical, dynamic and innovative approach has helped people from all walks of life and ages overcome intrusive personal phobias, anxieties and issues that they have often suffered from for years, offering his clients a new lease of life.

Howard has regularly worked with issues around health anxiety, OCD, stress, pressure, overwhelm, anger and rage, as well as feelings of isolation and loneliness.

So this previous experience gives him a unique perspective on the impact of the covid-19 at this present time. In fact, when the first British person died from corona Howard ended up on LBC talking to the nation about how we can manage our corona fears.

In addition to his personal therapy work, Howard is a very popular and entertaining presenter on a range of topics relevant to society today and has a huge following amongst his peers through his podcast.

He spent almost two years as the lead psychological presenter on Virgin Atlantic’s critically acclaimed ‘Flying Without Fear’ course, and also appeared as the expert on fear of flying on Channel 4’s documentary ‘Fear of Flying: Caught on Camera’.

He has also contributed to other media appearing on LBC, BBC, in The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Sun, CEO Magazine, just some of the media who have documented his successful ability to help people change quickly.

The Programme Includes:

6 Live x 1 hour Online Sessions

Fortnightly live interactive sessions via Facebook Live. Watch the session, comment and interact live to ensure that you get the help and support you need.

Replays available anytime

Can’t make it to the live session? Don’t worry, you can catch the replays at your own convenience and even get in touch before a live session so I can include an answer to any specific questions.


Interactive: Your questions and concerns handled

During the Facebook Lives you can ask questions so the session becomes tailored to exactly what you need and the issues that you are facing.

Private community for ongoing support

In between live sessions the private Facebook area will be a great place to share strategies, progress and updates to support each other going through the programme.

Practical Strategies and tasks

This is NOT just about theory. This is about sharing really practical strategies that you can implement to immediately change how you feel. After every live session there will be some very practical suggested tasks to implement that will help. 

12 weeks of Personal Support

Even though the live sessions are only fortnightly. I will be regularly offering further tailored ongoing support to the group (responding to questions and comments, uploading short additional videos, creating additional resources. All with the aim of giving you the help you need.

Lifetime access

Even after the 12 week programme you will still be able to access the support group where you can rewatch and have access to all of the sessions that took place.*

Share with the Household

Perhaps there is more than one adult in your household. Perhaps there are teenagers under your roof who are struggling. Feel free to share the live sessions with those around you so that everyone can benefit.

*based on Facebook being operational.

You will discover how to…

Overcome fear & anxiety

  • How you can break the corona anxiety cycle
  • Discover why ‘taking deep breaths’, just ‘thinking positive’ or ‘distraction’ doesn’t really work
  • Uncover the secret as to where corona virus anxiety really comes from.

Reduce feelings of anger and rage

  • Better manage ‘lockdown’ with kids and partners so that you are “less triggered”
  • How to easily disrupt that automatic rage response so isolation becomes calmer
  • Unearth the powerful way anger has been tricking you.

Stay motivated and get stuff done

  • Stop ‘Corona virus thinking’ reducing you to be unproductive and unmotivated.
  • Discover the 3 thinking patterns that destroy procrastination
  • How to turn lockdown into a time of productivity.

Beat feelings of overwhelm

  • How to create mental space and clarity despite intrusive corona related thoughts
  • The trick to slowing down your headspace.
  • Cut through emotional overwhelm and uncertainty.

The power of being present

  • Learn how to be present
  • Discover the joy of a flow state even in times of difficulty
  • Let go of ‘control’ and learn to ‘just be’.

Reduce pressure

  • 3 Practical ways to change your relationship to stress and pressure.
  • Are you coping with lockdown or homeschooling as effectively as others: How to see through the feeling of ‘being judged’.
  • Understand how to let go of pressure when it doesn’t serve you.

Plus much more besides…

“The sessions have helped me massively!”


“The sessions have helped me manage my anxiety to the point I no longer suffer with heart palpitations”


“I now feel like I have control over the feelings related to my thoughts and can watch the news without feeling fear!”


“It’s so lovely it’s done as a group to see your not alone and to see how this is benefiting other people in such a great way too!”


“I have definitely been helped by these sessions so far would recommend the courses to anyone that has even a slight problem with anxiety and I have also passed little tips onto others. Thank you”


“It is certainly helping me to see things in a different way and challenge my thought process”


“The sessions so far have been amazing. You are so generous with your time and insights. Has definitely given me a lot of food for thought. Can’t recommend you and thank you enough.”


“Thank you for putting these sessions on. They have helped me to think differently and keep calm. As an advocate for people with mental health issues, I have been able to use this in my work. I look forward to the next session.”


“This stuff we’re learning really works!”


“The very first session came as a shock to me… Suddenly I realised the obvious… You are a life changer. Please keep the changes coming… Thank you so much”


“Excellent and a thought provoking approach”


“The tools you’ve given has been amazing …..thank you”

Online Live Session Dates:

Remember that replays are available even if you can’t watch live.


(Monday 18th May – 8pm)



(Monday 1st June – 8pm)



(Monday 15th June – 8pm)



(Tuesday 30th June – 8pm)



(Monday 13th July – 8pm)



(Monday 27th July – 8pm)



(Monday 3rd August – 8pm)


“I went to see Howard about a year ago. I had been suffering from deep loneliness especially in the evenings.

I could be in a room full of people, food, drinks and music and still feel lonely and disconnected.

One session, just one session with Howard and loneliness has become a thing of the past.

I can say with all honesty that I enjoy my own company and have been able to just sit by myself and read a book, something that I really, really enjoy now and even look forward to. This is a big change from feeling the desperate need to fill my evenings with dinners, coffees and dates!”

A. Dave – Leicester

The benefits don’t stop there

Of course this 12 week programme was specifically designed to help you develop a resilient mindset in times of uncertainty and to have you stay calm, get clarity of thought and develop peace of mind right now.

But guess what?

The principles, skills and approaches that I share will transform your thinking powerfully in ways that will continue to be useful to you long after this period is over.

Those that can hone the skills of ‘clarity & calm’ in times of uncertainty, will go on to become even happier and more grounded when we emerge from this period.

toI have a strong suspicion that when this thing is over (and YES it really will be over) people will emerge from this period EITHER mentally stronger and more resilient than ever OR mentally more vulnerable and fragile.

I want to help you fall in that first category and it would be a privilege to help you do this.

The choice is yours…

FREE for Key-workers or just £1 a day

I usually charge £495 for these online coaching programmes with a maximum limit of just 30 people, which for 12 weeks of support and information that can transform your thinking represents incredible value.

HOWEVER, I want to help as many people as possible learn these incredibly important skills at this time and so I’m hugely reducing the cost and removing the group limit.

So now you (and other members of your household) can get 12 weeks of support and achieve peace of mind and clarity of thought for just £84!

(This gives you the help you need for the equivalent of just £1 per day!)


Registration is just £495

JUST £84

CLICK BELOW to Sign Up Now!

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As a way of saying thank you to keyworkers (Health/social workers who are on frontlines, either in hospitals, care homes, or similar) I’m giving access to them totally FREE.

Want access on this basis? Contact me using the email form below and let me have your details along with information of where you work as a keyworker). Please note you may be asked to provide a valid photo ID.









“I have suffered from anxiety for many years. My mind was paralysed by thoughts of what would happen if I tried to attempt anything. Then I contacted Howard. After 3 hours (over 2 sessions) I am now able to get on with things and am now getting much more out of life. If you are suffering from anxiety, please do not hesitate to contact Howard. He can really help.”

Caroline K, Hertfordshire

Have a question? Get in touch…

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