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Tracey Grist Chats About…

  1. 02:19: How Did She Get Started As A Hypnotherapist?
  2. 05:09: Extracting Positives From Other Modalities Of Change.
  3. 07:03: The Misconceptions The Public Hold About Hypnotherapy
  4. 08:35: What Motivates Her To Work As Chairperson For The NCH?
  5. 11:36: Setting The Standards For Hypnotherapy Training
  6. 12:16: What Would You Tell Your Younger Self – A 180 Degree Answer Change
  7. 17:27: Why She’d Prefer The Jaws Theme To Whale Music
  8. 19:14: Does The Client Know Best?
  9. 25:46: Some Book Recommendations
  10. 29:26: Responding To Critics Of Regulatory Bodies
  11. 32:46: Global Pandemics And Hypnotherapy
  12. 35:23: Any Further Thought?
  13. 37:37: What Advice Would You Have For Someone Starting Out?

About Tracey Grist

Tracey Grist, Chairman for the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), has been in private practice as a hypnotherapist since 2009. Formerly of Harley Street, she ‘retired to the south’ four years ago and works in her bijou, discreet practice in Balham, London, although technically, in this current climate she works online, from home. 

Tracey’s expertise lies with complex trauma. Having spent some years working as a consultant therapist for The Echo Society, she continues to specialise in recovery from Narcissistic abuse and the damage caused by unhealthy relationships.

In her career she has worked with a wide array of people from celebrities and professional artists, to business women & husbands. It doesn’t matter how popular you are, how intelligent or strong, when we come from a toxic past, have toxic thoughts or work with toxic people, that stuff can stick like glue, to anyone. 

Confidentiality and bespoke therapy have always been key. Having a background in design and counselling, Tracey’s expertise lies in understanding the patterns a client presents and practically, together creating the best outcomes for that individual: whatever is needed, in typical South London style, ‘like therapy, but with knives’.

In 2016 Tracey was voted Chairman for the National Council for Hypnotherapy. The NCH is a not-for-profit Professional Association created in the 1970’s to bring the hypnotherapy profession together by demonstrating a standard for which hypnotherapists could ascribe through a form of voluntary self regulation. Members meet NOS (National Occupational Standards) recognised training, commit to a code of conduct, CPD and ongoing supervision. Hypnotherapists have the option to tick all the necessary boxes towards keeping the public and subsequently themselves, safe.

The unofficial side of the NCH is where Tracey finds her joy and her purpose: by being a part of a collective of people to create the NCH Board. It is an honourable group of people whose sole focus is to improve the Hypnotherapy profession so it can thrive. This fantastic NCH team of a dozen, both paid and volunteers are equally as prepared to sing the praises of hypnotherapy.

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