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Kathryn Hansen Chats about:

  1. 02:56: Kathryn’s Origin Story And How She Came To Write Brain Over Binge
  2. 10:09: The Role Of The Therapist To Do No Harm
  3. 14:42: Seperating Out Binge Eating from The Other Issues
  4. 15:56: The Downsides Of Positive Thinking
  5. 20:52: Dieting And Primal Survival Mechanisms
  6. 23:55: The Strength To Listen To Your Own Advice
  7. 25:40: When Did You Class Yourself As Being Over Bulimia?
  8. 28:06: How Did Others React To Your Rapid Change?
  9. 29:52: The Other Side Of Pavlov’s Dogs
  10. 30:58: Are These ‘Brain Over Binge’ Ideas Being Used To Treat Things Other Than Eating Disorders?
  11. 34:32: How Have Other “Experts” Greeted Your Work?
  12. 35:40: Any Other Thoughts?
  13. 36:58: How Quick Can People Change?

About Kathryn Hansen

Kathryn Hansen recovered from bulimia in 2005; and since then, she has been dedicated to educating and empowering women and men who struggle with all forms of binge eating. She is the author of Brain over Binge (2011) and the Brain over Binge Recovery Guide (2016), and she hosts the Brain over Binge Podcast. Kathryn offers an alternative voice in the field of eating disorders—teaching brain-based reasons for why binge eating occurs, and departing from mainstream ideas that say eating disorders are the result of underlying emotional or psychological problems and require years of therapy to fix. Her goal is to make recovery attainable for anyone who wants to live free of binge eating.



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