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Ross Jeffries (AKA Paul Ross) Chats about:

  1. How he mapped NLP across to the world of seduction and… how he knew it worked.

  2. Getting over hurdles when things look like they’re not working.

  3. Embracing confusion and uncertainty.

  4. The confidence myth

  5. The ‘implementation gap’ in the world of personal development.

  6. The importance of teaching people to self-regulate.

  7. His take on the ‘law of attraction’.

  8. Creating custom made therapeutic changes on the fly.

  9. Why “always be yourself” is the worst advice.

  10. Sales and expanding consiousness to include your idea.

  11. Looking at beliefs vs. looking through them.

  12. Plus much more…

About Ross Jeffries

Ross Jeffries (AKA Paul Ross) is an author, speaker, trainer, Master Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

For the past 30 years, he’s taught tens of thousands of people the power of language to persuade, sell, heal, turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and pain into passion.

His speeches and trainings have motivated audiences around the world to discover their power to design their own results.

Additionally as the founder of the worldwide seduction community and the creator of Speed Seduction®. He’s taught thousands of men from every walk of life how to enjoy the success with women they’ve always wanted.

He isn’t an “armchair trainer” he is out there using this stuff all the time with real people and getting real results.


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