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Daniel McDermid Chats About…

  1. 2.30 – Daniel’s origin story… when was he bitten by a radioactive hypnotist?
  2. 6.20 – Why initially he noticed he was a little bit scared of working with smokers, and the myth of nicotine patches…
  3. 8.30 – “Knowledge is power” – how he educates rather than JUST hypnotises.
  4. 10.00 – Do you “MAKE” people non-smokers? Where is the responsibility of the client?
  5. 13.10 – An intake process. How do you take clients on?
  6. 16.00 – When and how do you bring CBT into your sessions?
  7. 18.15 – Do we need ‘negative’ emotions?
  8. 20.45 – Authoritarian hypnosis isn’t aggressive hypnosis.
  9. 22.45 – People struggle not with stopping smoking… but with the fear of stopping smoking.
  10. 23.50 – Dealing with the excuses for not stopping smoking.
  11. 27.30 – Does the world of personal development focus to much on “being positive” and the ‘law of accurate thinking’
  12. 29.42 – The ‘case of OCD’ and the wizard on the soapbox.
  13. 34.16 – Winking at the lampposts and challenging your own thinking.
  14. 38.15 – Where can you get in touch with him?
  15. 39.20 – Any final thoughts to share? Removing the fear of the fear and getting past the ‘secondary gain’ of ‘attention’.
  16. 43.00 – And how we are all ‘a bit of a plonker’.

About Daniel McDermid

Born in Leeds, Daniel attended schools in the city. He later went to university in Leeds, graduating in Psychology.

His first career, though, was as a professional boxer until an injury forced him to quit. His professional opponents included current World Lightweight Champion Terry Flanagan as well fellow ‘Leeds Warrior’ and current World Featherweight World Champion Josh Warrington. 

After he quit the ring, he gave up all exercise for a while, developed a taste for pizza and piled on the weight – more than four stone in fewer than six months. So he knows, first-hand, how easy it is to let the poundage build up.

He then tried to add a bit of weight to his grey matter too and having gained a degree in psychology in Leeds, he embarked on a course with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis to become a practitioner of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Oh, and he also shed all the excess weight he’d stacked up.

Soon after, he set up his hypnotherapy practice: Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic based in York Place, Leeds. 

Since setting up Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, he’s treated thousands of clients for a wide range of issues and has written books called “Stop Smoking: It’s a Doddle” and “Lose Weight: It’s a Doddle.” He has contributed to other texts also.

Daniel has also produced an online e-course that shares the title of his book ‘Stop Smoking: It’s a Doddle’ to help fellow hypnotherapists to learn his methods.

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic was winner of the UK’s ‘Hypnotherapy Business of the Year 2015/16’ award, presented by ‘The Hypnotherapy Business School’.

To current knowledge, it could be asserted that Daniel McDermid has more social proof of the efficacy of his one to one treatment with clients than any other practitioner in the world.


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