What! Wait a second! “Are you telling me I shouldn’t become a non-smoker?” YES I AM, but if you want to stop smoking for good then bare with me, this may not be what you think.

It’s true that whilst I help people stop smoking regularly I don’t want anyone of these people to become a non-smoker.

“Hold on Howard you aren’t making any sense”, I hear you cry.


Let me explain an important concept in helping people to stop smoking for good.


Do you play the trumpet?

Now most of you when reading this are likely to respond with a “NO”.

In which case let me ask you the following question (and answer honestly). Did you wake up this morning look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Today… I’m a non-trumpeter”.

My guess is you didn’t. (that would have been ridiculous right?)

In fact, I would go even further to suggest that, if you were saying that everyday to yourself, then your relationship with trumpets would not be a healthy one. And if you were saying this repeatedly then that would imply that you would psychologically filtering the world based on the distinction of “do you play trumpets or not”).

The reality is most people don’t play the trumpet but they don’t identify themselves as a “non-trumpeter”. In fact trumpets simply aren’t relevant for them, they don’t even appear in their thinking.



What has this got to with wanting to stop smoking?

Well I would argue that if you want to stop smoking but then end up waking up each day looking in the mirror and saying “Today… I’m a non-smoker” then arguably your relationship with smoking may still not be where you would ideally like it to be.

Ultimately, what if you could just ‘stopping smoking’ and have it so that smoking is just irrelevant for you. Does that not seem a better place to be?

So whilst I’ve helped 1000’s of people make rapid behavioural shifts, even just beginning to realise that the goal to focus on here, is not moving towards being a “non-smoker”. But instead focus on journey’s that help to make smoking simply irrelevant for you.

Now hypnotherapy can be very useful at helping people to achieve this result but if you are thinking… “but does hypnotherapy really work?” Then check out my blog that explains how it works and what it is.


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