Losing weight with hypnosis sounds to many like something that could be too good to be true but what can really be done when you get your mind in the right place?


The secret of losing weight: How hypnosis can help you?

Whilst there are many ways in which rapid change-work and hypnosis can help you lose weight and get slim, fit and healthy. I want to share with you an entirely different way of looking at this topic that I have personally found useful in relation to both myself and working with clients. 


My own personal weight loss journey.


Having been a “yo-yo” dieter myself many years ago and suddenly noticing that I I had at one point ballooned to over 4 and half stone over my ideal, I realised that I had to practice what I preached and lost a little over 50 pounds and have pretty much kept it off for the last 5 years.

This period helped me to really understand how people can create some patterns of thinking that don’t support a healthy relationship with food or their fitness goals.

For me one of the patterns I noticed (and I often discover is running in my clients) is this…

I didn’t like being ‘heavy’ and looking overweight so I would feel bad when I’d see myself, or I’d berate myself if I’d feel my clothes being tighter than ideal, or if I felt very far away from my goal body I would go inside and connect with some less than helpful feelings.

Somewhere in my past I had learned that food made me feel good (temporarily at least) and so, the more I felt bad for not having the body I wanted, the more I would eat, in an attempt to make myself feel better. This became an unhelpful downward cycle.

However, I must even confess that sometimes I would look jealously at fit, athletic people and think, “oh, it’s easy for them… if I looked like that I would be able to maintain it… but look how far I’ve got to go.”

And then I realised something quite profound.

I already did have the body of my dreams.

Not sure what I’m getting at yet? Let me explain a profound realisation I had about this whole area of losing weight.


Losing weight with hypnosis: A profound realisation


I went to the dentist, and when I left (after seeing the hygienist who gave them all a good scrubbing) my teeth where whiter than white and all sparkly.

I thought to myself, “right I’m not going to do anything to ruin them, I want to keep them looking like this” and so I cut down massively on coffee and other teeth staining foods etc and took better care of my pearly whites.

Significantly though, the primary thing that allowed me to do this was the feeling I now had the teeth I wanted.

However, if you really stop and think about it those pearly white teeth were always there… they were just hidden, underneath the slight staining.

I remember a weird friend of mine who used to say strangely creep people out by going up to them and whispering, “you know we are all naked underneath our clothes?” (Although this is a bit creepy… it is factually also correct).


So what is this got to do with Losing Weight and hypnosis?


Well I had spent a lot of time eating badly to try and get rid of the bad feeling I had for not looking and feeling better. And I felt sure that if I already had the ‘body of my dreams’ I would be able to maintain it I told myself “that would be easier”.

You see, if someone waved a magic wand and I woke up with the body and fitness of my dreams what would I do? Go out and binge on ice cream and pizza and lay about on the sofa all day. NO WAY. I would use that opportunity as a gift to maintain this amazing gift. How would I maintain? Well I would start eating better, exercising frequently and would carefully ensure I didn’t “look a gift horse in the mouth”.

And then it hit me.

I already had ‘the body of my dreams’. It was there, just hidden underneath some layers of excess fat. But it was ALREADY THERE.

Imagine I bought my wife the most exquisite diamond and wrapped in and gave it to her with an instruction to open it in a few weeks time. It would kind of seem silly if my wife looked at the parcel (knowing what was inside waiting for her) to start crying about not owning a diamond.

She would know that even though she couldn’t see it yet, it was in there and would soon be revealed.

Think about the famous statue of David by Michelangelo. When he started that piece it was a big block of stone and even though no one could see ‘David’ every part of that most beautiful creation was already in there. Michelangelo simply peeled away stone reveal it. BUT YES, it was already there.

So what did this realisation mean?


I stopped eating to lose weight, and instead I started to see myself as already having the ideal body. Then I changed my focus to eating to maintain the perfect body I already had. I went into a mode and mindset of maintaining my health and fitness instead of trying to punish myself for not already having it.

This not only had a huge impact on my weight but I also immediately felt better about myself. Instead of wallowing in the feeling of not having something, I began to appreciate I already had it. My perfect body was just wrapped up, and the more I ate to maintain this body and the more I exercised to maintain my fitness, the more others also began to see it too.

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Getting slim actions to take – hypnotherapy for losing weight.


Deeply consider that underneath any excess weight, you already have the body of your dreams. It wouldn’t be accurate to feel bad about not having it already when it’s sitting there just waiting like a beautiful diamond ready to be unwrapped. So take a moment to ‘go inside’ and congratulate yourself for already having this ideal body, and allow yourself to feel good about it.

Now when you think about yourself picture the perfect you inside and focus not eating to lose weight, but switch to focus on eating to support that perfect version of you.

But can hypnotherapy really work to help you achieve this? Check out the blog, “Does hypnotherapy really work?” for more information.

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