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Kevin Martin Chats About…

  1. 02.30 – How Kevin got started – his emotional journey.
  2. 07.52 – How engaged with “changing” does someone have to be?
  3. 09.45 – Can we help people who aren’t ‘fed up’ with their current behaviours?
  4. 12.00 – Setting up the foundations of change.
  5. 14.10 – NLP and hypnosis being spoken about as a ‘something that doesn’t last’?
  6. 16.20 – His changing view of hypnosis – It’s not witchcraft!
  7. 19.10 – What does he believe hypnosis is?
  8. 23.26 – How would you respond to people who were afraid of being ‘controlled’?
  9. 28.00 – Let’s just see if “IT” works… is there even an “IT”?
  10. 31.00 – The bee keeping insomniac.
  11. 35.44 – Is insight and analysis sometimes overlooked?
  12. 40.20 – How did he sort his own fear of heights out? And was it the left butt cheek or right?!
  13. 44.30 – Creating and changing beliefs.
  14. 45.40 – Kevin’s recommended reads.
  15. 49.40 – How do you frame the clients journey from the moment they get in touch with you?
  16. 55.17 – Want to get in touch with Kevin?
  17. 56.40 – Kevin’s final thoughts to share and what is rapid change?
  18. 62.34 – The attitude of successful clients.

“Change is made when there is an epiphany at a deep level.”

Kevin Martin

About Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin is a Master Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner. He is also a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and the author of the book, “Living Your Dreams by Simply Changing Your Perceptions”.

Kevin has been presenting and training on hypnosis and NLP techniques for over 20 years. Kevin understands how people think, how people learn, and most importantly, how people change.

Kevin is compassionate and caring, enabling him to work with very difficult problems and very sensitive people. He is extremely passionate about Hypnosis and NLP and is also very passionate about helping people. Kevin’s mission has always been to help as many people as he can and to touch everyone he meets in some positive manner.

Kevin runs Positive Effects Coaching and Hypnosis with his wife Brenda who is also a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Master Practitioner of NLP.

Kevin’s Rapid Fire Round

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