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James M Vera Chats About…

  1. 2.30 – The synchronicity of becoming a hypnotherapist working online with people all around the world.
  2. 6.40 – The book that changed everything.
  3. 8.55 – His first client – “The Worst Smoker” – smoking in the shower!?
  4. 12.32- Using scripts for client sessions? And completing Rubik’s cubes in under a minute.
  5. 17.26 – Railing against the “one session fix” and the dangers of over-promising (and what on earth has “Ellen Degeneres coming out” got to do with all this.)
  6. 22.30 – “Expectation” what part does that play and what does “Rapid” mean for you?
  7. 25.56 – “Trance is a continuum”? Then how can it have a start and an end?
  8. 28.10 – Dealing with clients who see hypnotherapy as something binary… “it either worked or it didn’t work!”
  9. 34.00 – Unpicking the client who has been “over-therapized”.
  10. 36.00 – What are the challenges of working with people online?
  11. 40.30 – Abreactions – should they really be feared?
  12. 42.22 – The case of the guy who couldn’t eat in public.
  13. 47.00 – Combining the approaches of all that have gone before.
  14. 49.30 – The importance of context.
  15. 52.00 – How can you get in touch with James?
  16. 52.40 – James’ final reflections.

About James M. Vera

James M. Vera is a Board-Certified Hypnotist. He has a degree in Respiratory Therapy and has a background in EEG and seizure studies for both epileptic and non-epileptic seizures.

James has been a practicing hypnotist for the past 7 years and has an online practice (onlinehypnosisnow.com) as well as seeing clients face to face in his Cheshire, Connecticut USA office.

He started his interest in the mind at age 10 when he started his first business called Magic by Jimmy, party time, dinnertime, anytime. He was an amateur magician and performed at kids’ birthday parties and private events.

He left “magic” behind, so he thought and developed other interests and then when he was 30 years old he discovered a book called the Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol and experimenting with reprogramming his own subconscious mind.

Then years later he became a Respiratory therapist. He spoke with a woman who said she had stopped smoking for over 20 years using hypnosis. He was very skeptical and started researching how to become a hypnotist to help other people stop smoking. From that point his practice expanded, and he has been on a path of continued learning and studying with many of the great hypnotists in our profession like Mike Mandel, Dan Candell, Jason Linette, Michael C. Anthony and many others. He enjoys learning about hypnosis and feels like he is like Alice who jumped into the rabbit hole and it just continues and on with always something exciting to learn. He uses humor and a matter of fact style to help his clients get to their goals as rapidly as their minds will allow them. After experiencing over 10 years of his own psychotherapy he believes change does not have to be that way and can be rapid and permanent.

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