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Dr Will Horton Chats About…

  1. 2.33 – How did he get started (the origin story -the “Manchurian Candidate” has a lot to answer for.
  2. 5.29 – Why aren’t these approaches more recognised within the world of traditional ‘psychotherapy’?
  3. 7.30 – Does the increased ease of accessing training material increase the amount of people who just “think” they know this stuff? Plus ‘armchair’ trainers.
  4. 11.52 – The “power of the platform.”
  5. 12.45 – Does ‘mirroring and matching’ have to be subtle? The secret to building effective rapport with ease.
  6. 17.26 –  The finger tapping, “I now have you in rapport”.
  7. 19.22 – What is rapport? And is it important for change?
  8. 21.00 – FBI negotiation skills. Are the movies accurate?
  9. 28.20 – What does ‘rapid change’ mean to you? And the problem of ‘insightful’ addicts.
  10. 31.40 – What’s the second worst thing some change-workers believe? The Illusion of linear memory.
  11. 33.37 – Working with weight loss.
  12. 36.24 – How to stop weight loss clients derailing themselves IF they don’t immediately lose weight.
  13. 38.40 – Using ‘colourful’ language with clients?
  14. 39.44 – Advice for getting good at change.
  15. 45.15 – Are there dangers of setting out to work with people rapidly.
  16. 49.40 – How can you find out more from Dr. Will?
  17. 52.30 – Dr. Will’s – Final thoughts

About Dr Will Horton

Dr. Will Horton is one of the worlds top NLP and Hypnosis trainers in the application of helping people change.

A Licensed Psychologist, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Master Hypnotist, Dr. Will was one of the few non-law enforcement people asked to attend the FBI Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course at the FBI Academy.

Dr. Horton’s passion for NLP and Hypnosis come from personal experience.  Not only has he used NLP and Hypnosis to overcome alcohol addiction, he’s also used these techniques to win numerous karate tournaments and work as an actor in TV, film, and stage.

Dr. Will has taught people all over the world the skills of NLP, Hypnosis, Performance Enhancement, and the Art of Business Communication.  He is the founder of NFNLP, the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming and the creator of several best selling home study courses on NLP and Hypnosis.

A prolific writer, Dr. Horton’s articles on NLP and Hypnosis are regularly featured in “The Journal of Hypnotism,” the country’s largest hypnosis publication. His articles are considered a must-read in the field of hypnosis and psychology.  His NLP and Hypnosis courses and workbooks have won acclaim for their easy-to-understand format.

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