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Karl Smith Chats About…

  1. 2.17 – Karl’s origin story… how did he get started. Army… Police… Run over… PTSD to Hypnosis.
  2. 8.55 – What are Sigmund Freud’s inside leg measurements?
  3. 9.30 – Continued… His journey to overcoming PTSD
  4. 14.10 – Karls personal thoughts on EFT and TFT in relation to his PTSD. And why HIS experience of CBT exacerbated the problem.
  5. 16.30 – The power of intent and why do some change-workers get DIFFERENT results using the SAME technique?
  6. 20.30 – Cutting through the BS of the “Hypnotic Induction”. Hypnosis is NOT a state of eyelids.
  7. 23.10 – Karl’s non-verbal demo.
  8. 24.52 – Are impressive demo’s of therapy at trainings… do people miss context?
  9. 26.50 – What is kinetic shift and how was it developed?
  10. 29.05 – Having trained hypnotists all over the world are their cultural differences between the way different nationalities respond?
  11. 32.20 – The story of Andy and PTSD removal.
  12. 36.00 – Doing more by doing less.
  13. 38.38 – What actually is intent?
  14. 39.51 – Is he JUST a “rapid’ change-worker?
  15. 44.31 – A few book recommendations.
  16. 46.48 – How can you get in touch with Karl Smith?
  17. 47.45 – Final thoughts?

About Karl Smith

Karl spent 12 years in the British Army, then a further 10 years as an Armed Response Officer in the UK.

In 2006 he was run over by a Drunk Driver twice in one sitting and was diagnosed with PTSD.

After ONE successful Hypnosis session 18 months of bad dreams, anger and anxiety disappeared. Having seen the power of hypnosis first hand he had a rapid career shift!

Now he is the founder and managing director of the UK hypnosis academy… and amongst other things specialises in PTSD resolution.

He is also the creator of a rapid method of change called Kinetic Shift which he has taught to 1000’s of change workers all around the world.

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