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Steve Miller Chats About…

  1. 2.27 – How did he get started… the ‘straight talking’ but ‘loving’ background that shaped his communication.
  2. 4.51 – A background as a ‘redcoat’, sales-guy and his ‘inner showman’.
  3. 5.30 – What’s the background of FATnosis? How did it come about?
  4. 8.05 – Should we be calling our weight loss clients ‘FAT’?
  5. 09.40 – Let’s talk about what rapport means to you? Can you call someone FAT or LAZY and maintain rapport?
  6. 12.20 – No! This is not about being rude to people! FATnosis is flexible to suit the practitioners personality.
  7. 14.30 – The warm hearted son-of-a-bitch and moving beyond the ‘technique’.
  8. 16.41 – How he responds to people accusing him of ‘fatshaming’. Is there a constructive side to ‘fatshaming’.
  9. 20.30 – Given that he is no stranger to controversy, how does he deal with criticism and ‘haters’?
  10. 23.52 – When did he start to challenge the notion that relaxation and hypnosis weren’t necessarily linked.
  11. 26.03 – Getting the client to take responsibility for the change.
  12. 28.45 – Give us an outline of how the FATnosis programme plays out.
  13. 29:55 – The ‘push and pull’ style of motivation. Getting people to stick to their aspirations, AND how to keep them on target EVEN when they hit their target weight.
  14. 32.30 – A few case studies. Sharing some powerful stories of change.
  15. 35.50 – 5 practical strategies to build your practice!
  16. 40.08 – How to you encourage clients to share their success stories with the media?
  17. 41.35 – Want to get in touch?
  18. 42.55 – Final thoughts and what does the future of FATnosis hold? AND fallibility?

“FATnosis is that breath of fresh of air! Its NOT about being horrible, it’s about being honest, straight-talking, supportive and celebratory.”

Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a leading Hypnotherapist, Author and Founder of FATnosis, a specialist Mindset and Motivation Weight Management Programme.

Steve is also Director of the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists and is a TV regular with appearances including Good Morning Britain, ITV’s This Morning and BBC Sunday Morning Live to name a few. He also presented Sky TV’s hit show Fat Families which was sold into fourteen countries.

Steve is a straight talker, practical and believes that Hypnotherapists and Coaches have a massive role to play in helping people to lose and manage their weight. He now offers  the FATnosis Licensed Practitioner Programme for Hypnotherapists.

Over the last 12 months the traction of the FATnosis brand has been more than impressive with a surge of jaw dropping client results, and more presence in the media including Sky News, BBC Radio and a host of high street magazines and newspapers including Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

Steve’s passion for helping people to lose weight is strong, but he recognises that whilst his approach isn’t for everyone, it is for many. Judging by his impressive career to date and his client results, it is no wonder FATnosis is arguably now the Number 1 Mindset and Motivation Weight Loss programme.


Full details of the FATnosis Licensed Programme for Hypnotherapists can be found at www.fatnosislicense.com

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