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Garry Cole Chats About…

  1. 2.25 – Garry explains what he does and how he got started. His journey from IT consultant in the oil industry to Hypnotherapist!
  2. 6.10 – How did he start working with the NHS as a hypnotherapist?
  3. 8.10 – How specifically were you using hypnosis in the NHS… what for?
  4. 10.20 – Understanding more about how hypnosis is offered for clients (within that NHS setting.)
  5. 11.40 – Why people tried to talk him out of doing a Masters in Hypnotherapy.
  6. 15.00 – Sceptical Medics! “Hypnotherapy is ‘quackery’!”
  7. 17.55 – Challenging the notion that ‘RAPID’ change is a good thing!
  8. 19.23 – Why the “Fast Phobia Cure” is NOT always a permanent change.
  9. 22.15 – The difference between “good therapy” and “good training demos” and the best mindset for attending training courses.
  10. 26.12 – How to start your journey of working WITH the NHS and demonstrating results!
  11. 31.30 – The importance of looking at the under-pinnings behind the field and speaking the ‘jargon’.
  12. 32.50 – Hypno-Oncology training: What do you learn… what can you get out of it?
  13. 34.05 – Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) how the mind can influence the make up of the immune system.
  14. 37.33 – Is Howard a bed-wetter?!?!
  15. 38.06 – The Ice-Hockey player: Zero-to-hero! And a few other cases…
  16. 40.05 – How important is this rapid change conversation? Is rapid always permanent?
  17. 42.12 – Getting feedback and testing your results? The two conflicting arguments!
  18. 44.58 – Closing thoughts around professionalism within the industry AND do you really “cure” people?
  19. 48.32 – The moral and ethical issues involved with making claims that are TOO extraordinary.

“The best approach for the client is… the one that works with the client in front of you!”

Garry Coles

About Garry Coles

One of only a handful of hypnotherapists in the UK (and probably Europe) to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Referred to in the industry as ‘The Hypnotherapist’s Hypnotherapist’ due to the number of hypnotherapists Garry offers treatment, training and mentoring for.

Garry also counts numerous Doctors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors amongst his patients (and has taught many of them hypnotherapy) and is seen as the ‘goto’ hypnotherapist for the more challenging cases from all over the UK (and abroad).

Practising as a full-time therapist for many years, Garry has busy private practices in five locations in the South East; Farnham and Guildford in Surrey, Odiham and Fleet in Hampshire and Harley Street in central London.

Garry is also one of the few hypnotherapists contracted to the NHS for hypnotherapeutic work, consulting for over twelve years in an oncological setting (being the resident hypnotherapist in a major hospital offering hypnotherapy treatment for a myriad of cancer related issues).

He has received specialist cancer hospital training. He also spent a year imbedded in the hospital’s Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Team attending weekly meetings with the surgeons and oncology team to discuss cases and treatments.  Garry carried out the first ground breaking UK clinical research project into the effects of pre-surgical hypnotherapy on the recovery quality in breast cancer biopsies. The results were acclaimed and are awaiting publication.

He also practises from within a local GP surgery, with the GP’s referring many of the patients directly. In addition, he receives hospital referrals and referrals from many other local GPs and health care professionals.

Garry was elected to (by his peers in the industry) to the Hypnotherapy Profession Specific Board (PSB) for the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) where he advises the CNHC on all aspects of hypnotherapy governance and training.

Garry is a regular speaker at hypnotherapy conferences throughout the world as well as presenting his own masterclasses in Hypno-Oncology.

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