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Claude Ribaux Chats About…

  1. 2.23 – Claude’s origin story… how did he get started doing all this?
  2. 4.00 – Filtering out the storm.
  3. 6.20 – What is ‘active alert’ hypnosis?
  4. 9.53 – His reaction to learning that hypnosis didn’t have to be ‘eyes closed – slumped in the chair!’
  5. 12.23 – How does he frame ‘active alert’ hypnosis to clients coming for change-work.
  6. 14.24 – What do you use ‘active alert’ hypnosis for?
  7. 17.32 – Why he prefers the term ‘flow state’
  8. 20.04 – How can you start experimenting with this type of state?
  9. 22.23 – How does he define hypnosis…
  10. 25.40 – Any advice for people starting out in this field?
  11. 30.14 – The case of the ‘scared journalist’.
  12. 34.10 – Testing your work.
  13. 36.05 – Why, if you accept you get wet when taking showers, you can also change!
  14. 40.10 – When is the time for reflection and insight?
  15. 43.53 – Where can you go to find out more.
  16. 45.24 – Claude’s final thoughts on rapid change… and inducing the effects of cocaine WITHOUT cocaine!

“The therapy or coaching session should actually be an experience for the client… I have ‘experienced something’ and it’s now different.”

Claude Ribaux

About Claude Ribaux

Trained as a social scientist, Claude André Ribaux was originally engaged as manager of international public health initiatives, mainly working for the international Red Cross movement, where much of his time was in project development and working as a consultant in change processes and conflict transformation in complex political environments.

He initiated his own training organization in 1991 and started work as a full time coach and therapist in 1999. His experience was used in many Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka.

He is also a founder of CASPEA, a ‘peace through sport’ organization. Today he runs his own coaching and training organization in Switzerland, and is specialized in teaching active-alert hypnosis.

Over the past 25 years he has conducted far more than 10,000 therapy and coaching sessions and provided hundreds of days of training.

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