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Luke Michael Howard Chats About…

  1. 2.22 – How he become a nightmare for people’s problems – Luke’s origin story.
  2. 4.45 – “This stuff must work… it’s on TV!”
  3. 6.28 – Is it important for your client to believe in hypnosis for it to work?
  4. 8.16 – The one-sentence pre-talk!
  5. 11.40 – Does his “badass” appearance aid the change-work process? Does he scare people into change?
  6. 15.00 – The bed-wetter…
  7. 18.00 – It’s not about me!
  8. 21.30 – Rapport is NOT needed for change.
  9. 23.30 – What do you want… results or reasons?
  10. 26.20 – Why he believes that if you are in therapy you ARE in entertainment.
  11. 28.30 – Getting people doing things differently to keep them on their toes.
  12. 31:50 – Lovingly… respectfully… knocking things over with a sledgehammer!
  13. 32.30 – Why he doesn’t want to be “Beige”
  14. 35.40 – The case of the ‘battling client’
  15. 39.48 – The guy who wanted a refund!
  16. 44.08 – The two different types of rapport.
  17. 45.00 – A few key book recommendations
  18. 47.40 – Want to get in touch with Luke?
  19. 49.30 – Final words… Ready… Fire… Aim!

“Change is always happening… the only thing that’s impossible is staying the same… you are either growing or dying… but change is inevitable!”

Luke Michael Howard

About Luke Michael Howard

Luke solves problems that people believe are unsolvable. He fixes people who believe there unfixable. He’s worked for governments and celebrities. But also work with those who have fallen through the cracks. Those that have nowhere else to turn. There at there last resort. He’s mission is to prove that no one is beyond help.

He has a particular set of skills, skills that makes him a nightmare for your problems.

Originally for London, England. Luke has been a involved in Hypnosis for over 20 years.

He has traveled the world helping people & teaching hypnosis. Each year he speaks at the World Largest Hypnosis Conference Hypnothoughts in Las Vegas & The Canadian Hypnosis Conference. He regularly writes for the Huffington Post & Tone Magazine. And has been featured on CBC & Rogers TV & The Daily Mail & Cosmopolitan Magazine. He has also spoke at TED Talks. Luke has two offices in Canada one in Ottawa & Toronto. Luke owns LUKEnosis hypnosis.

Luke specializes in helping people quit smoking, lose weight, overcome panic / fear and alleviate pain.

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