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Zoe Clews Chats About…

  1. 2.15 – How did she get started as a hypnotherapist? Gripped by the throat of hypnotherapy?
  2. 6.30 – I have big plans for this brand!!! I want to be able to help more people.
  3. 7.20 – Getting the awareness out that a lot of mental health issues are NOT fixed in stone.
  4. 9.40 – The pressure of the “one-session fix!”… is it dishonouring to the client?
  5. 12.35 – Trauma happens quickly and in isolation so my approach is…
  6. 14.30 – Self-belief… needed to do this work?
  7. 19.25 – How do you frame the work to new clients when they first make an enquiry?
  8. 23.40 – ‘Peeling’ the layers back from a banana phobia!
  9. 26.00 – Playing to your strengths and being ok with that.
  10. 29.50 – The power of healing shame… and how it underpins all addiction?
  11. 35.10 – Reading widely and blending your learning with your hypnotherapy.
  12. 36.20 – The way many problems begin…
  13. 40.58 – ‘Unlocking’ the past without ‘revisiting’
  14. 42.40 – The thickest hair ever… but worried about losing it?
  15. 45.42 – Wrapping up and getting in touch
  16. 46.20 – Zoe’s final thoughts about the power to recovery…

“You don’t actually have to believe you can do something. You just have to DO IT and the self belief comes after.”

Zoe Clews

About Zoe Clews

Zoe Clews is one of London’s most recommended hypnotherapists, and the founder of Zoe Clews & Associates, a specialist hypnotherapy practice based in Harley Street compromising of herself and four Associates hand-picked for their expertise in a vast range of emotional, mental and physical issues.

She takes inspiration from her own emotional journey and specialises in issues relating to confidence, stress, self-esteem, anxiety and trauma, working both with individuals and also with corporates who want to provide mindfulness support for their people either on a regular or occasional basis, or as part of an employee benefit scheme.

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