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Eugen Popa Chats About…

  1. What is subliminal therapy and how is it different to traditional parts therapy?

  2. The 3 ‘golden nugget’ questions he asks all clients JUST BEFORE he works with them.

  3. An introduction to his new method… “the never-ending story”.

  4. The idea that the ‘subconscious’ doesn’t process negation isn’t accurate!

  5. How the number one cause of all problems is people taking their problems too seriously!

“Hypnosis is a little theatre we throw in, in order for people to accept the change that is already within them.”

Eugen Popa

About Eugen Popa

Eugen Popa is president of the Romanian Hypnosis Association, TV Show host and a renowned international Speaker and Trainer.

He studied hypnotherapy with some of the best professionals in the world today and has extended his knowledge and expertise beyond the realm of hypnosis.
Today Eugen is teaching classes all across the world and is covering a wide range of methods and techniques both for personal development as well as therapy.
His motto is Learn Grow Share and he like to live by this guidelines with a joyfully and happy attitude.
In addition, he also a certified Hypnosis Trainer, Subliminal Therapy Trainer, Resource Therapy Trainer, Parts Therapy Trainer, Hypnotic Regression Trainer, SleepTalk for Children Trainer and Rewind Technique Trainer!!!

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