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Nick Ebdon Chats About…

  1. Celebrating diversity and being open to different ways of working.

  2. Trainers competing for the fastest protocol may be doing the ‘therapy world’ a disservice.

  3. Tracking results and over-inflated claims of success?

  4. Exploring the hypnotic language people use on themselves.

  5. Setting the ground rules – fostering a useful client relationship.

  6. Why your subconscious might NOT know what needs to be done and can’t always be trusted!

“Amazing things are possible… but I’m going to expect some stuff from you (the client) aswell.”

Nick Ebdon

About Nick Ebdon

Nick Ebdon is a business consultant, coach, therapist and former Hypnosis trainer with practices in the City of London and Kent.

Nick is also the owner and organiser of the UK Hypnosis Convention, which annually plays host to some of the leading domestic and international names in the field of Hypnosis and which is the biggest event of its kind in the UK (Maybe even Europe).

Nick is trained in a number of therapeutic and coaching modalities including CBT, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Integrative and Strategic Intervention Coaching and Organisational Stress Management.

Before becoming a consultant, coach and therapist, for many years Nick was an executive director for a US Investment Bank, working as the senior trader and risk manager of their former Metals Business.

This experience and knowledge has led Nick to become a sought after name in dealing with trader stress and burnout in the City of London and beyond.

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