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Hansruedi Wipf Chats About…

  1. Why he believes that any issue can be dealt with in just 1 session.

  2. How “abreactions” may not be a bad thing…

  3. How a good pre-talk accounts for 80% of the likely success in a session.

  4. How “Hypnotherapy is simple”, it doesn’t have to be complicated!

  5. Having worked with 1000’s of people with regression to cause… are there typical causes that lead to certain issues?

  6. Why simply “understanding” your client could be the least important part of the process.

“There is a fast method or a very fast method… which one would you like?”

Hansruedi Wipf

About Hansruedi Wipf

Hansruedi Wipf is the author of the book “Hypnose – Gesundheit und Heilung auf natürlichem Weg” (“Hypnosis – Health and Healing in a natural way”), publisher of the international hypnosis magazine “HypnoMag” as well as co-organizer of the annual Hypnosis Convention Zurich which has become part and parcel of the further educational training schedule for many people due to over 40 speakers and more than 50 presentations.

In addition to that Hansruedi Wipf himself is speaker at different international hypnosis conventions, works successfully with top athletes and is head of the Hypnosis Center in the Zurich area with 8 hypnotherapists. He clearly focuses on the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center where he is the successor to the legendary hypnotist Jerry Kein.

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