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Charlotte Chats About…

  1. How she went from piano teacher to specialising in helping musicians with their “psychological related issues”

  2. The stigma of ‘performance anxiety’ within the culture of classical music.

  3. Perhaps change revolves around getting people to tune into things that had been previously been outside of their conscious awareness?

  4. Why “familiarisation” might be a better term than “desensitisation”.

  5. How intuition plays a large part in navigating her sessions.

  6. The spokes on her bicycle wheel of change!

“My role in this work is to completely see into the real person, and believe in that person… and when I hold that vision of them… they have much more chance of being able to shift.”

Charlotte Tomlinson

About Charlotte Tomlinson

Charlotte Tomlinson is an internationally recognised performance skills coach, who specialises in helping musicians to perform at their peak on stage and to express the music in the best way they can.

She has developed a number of trainings and approaches that are designed to take people from stage fright to inspired performance with often rapid shifts occurring.

Her approach has been developed largely from her own experience of teaching and performing as a classical pianist.

Based in Oxford, where she teaches students from the University of Oxford, her work regularly takes her abroad. She gives talks, master classes and performance coaching for conservatoires, universities and festivals around the world, including Yale Summer School of Music (USA), the Verbier Academy and Verbier Festival Orchestras, the Imani Wind Festival, New York, the Royal Northern College of Music, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

She has been interviewed for the BBC’s Proms Extra,
Radio 3’s Music Matters, the BBC World Service and for the American documentary Composed. She has written many articles for national and international music magazines
and has conducted a series of interviews with concert musicians about how they manage performance stress, which can be viewed at www.beyondstagefright.com.

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  • To have access to FREE video interviews with top international musicians about how they manage performance stress, sign up to: beyondstagefright.com
  • For a FREE 5-day online course for musicians about managing your performance nerves, and a more in-depth course on moving through performance anxiety and into inspired performance, go to: beyondstagefrightacademy.com.
  • Workshops: Charlotte runs regular workshops for musicians on moving through performance nerves and freedom in piano technique, called Owning the Stage.
  • Her books Music from the Inside Out and Keep Calm and Pass your Music Exam are available on Amazon. The principles from both books are applicable to anyone giving a presentation of any sort.
  • For individual Performance Skills Coaching sessions with Charlotte in person in Oxford, or on Skype or to find out about her workshops, please email her at: info@charlottetomlinson.com or call +44(0)7970 850057

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