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Alexia Chats About…

  1. Harnessing the qualities of playfulness and curiosity.

  2. Witch doctors, being wrapped in beads and a live a chicken…

  3. Joker cards: Testing to explore is a client ready to get playful with their problem?

  4. Shame: the elusive and often under explored emotion.

  5. Shamanism & the sacred art of clowning.

  6. Looking for the ordinary in the absurd and, the absurd in the ordinary.

About Alexia Elliott

Alexia’s career started over 25yrs ago in Acute Mental Health. She progressed from the wards to training in Psychology and Education. During her Teaching career, I specialised in working with adults from Marginalised groups. (The vulnerably housed, Rough Sleepers, Asylum Seekers and those fleeing Domestic Violence.)

For the last 15 years, she has worked exclusively, in private practice as a Therapist, utilising, Hypnosis, NLP, Shamanism. Jungian and Existential theories, underpin her approach.

Shamanism captured her attention as a 19yrs old, during a trip to West Africa.  She had her first spiritual extraction and power retrieval by a local Medicine man aka the Marabou man. This encounter led to further journeys to learn from Indigenous Tribes, in particular tribes from the Upper Amazon Jungle and the Andean mountains.

Blending Shamanic tools and approaches, into her Therapy work was a real ‘game changer’ and she continues to be astounded by the profound changes people experience, by re-integrating spirituality into their lives.

Now she is currently training to be a professional Idiot, which is the art of Sacred Clowning, alongside writing a book about her former life.

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