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Alex Chats About…

  1. Exactly what is the difference between shyness and social anxiety?

  2. How important is it to have a correct “diagnosis” or “label” before you treat someone?

  3. What specifically does he describe as ‘cotton candy self-help’?

  4. Why he doesn’t want to be “authentic” nor have “unshakeable confidence”

  5. Teaching clients to find the evidence for change.

  6. Changing the ‘schema’

  7. Getting the client to recognise their own safety behaviours.

About Alex

Alex MacLellan is an Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) practitioner and anxiety coach. Having struggled with social anxiety for much of his formative life he managed to overcome this issue after seeing an IEMT practitioner.

In 2010 he began working as a coach for people with social anxiety, training them in the practical techniques he used and benefitted from. Finally, he decided to train in the form of change work that helped him so much, IEMT.

Currently, he runs Practical Anxiety Solutions and is dedicated to bringing lasting change in a short amount of time to his clients by first addressing their anxieties and negative beliefs with IEMT before equipping them with information and techniques to safeguard themselves for the future and change their habits for the better.

He also is on a mission to debunk many bad practices, beliefs and scams present in the self-development industry.

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Special Note From Howard:

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