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Matt Chats About…

  1. How he had an almost endless supply of clients by advertising on gumtree.

  2. Why he despises the self development industry.

  3. Why he doesn’t believe in setting outcomes with clients.

  4. What is IEMT and what are patterns of chronicity?

  5. Many therapists are scared of their clients?

  6. Why it’s important to get clients to commit to their experience.

  7. Why some people don’t need therapy they need training.

About Matt

Matt Kendall is an accidental therapist. After setting up his own businesses he met a hypnotherapist at a networking event who he later went on to have sessions with.

The hypnotherapist saw something in Matt and convinced him to go and train himself.

Matt went and trained with a variety of people and organisations and then specialised in helping people with social anxiety.

After moving to London in 2009 he came across a technique called IEMT. He was fascinated by this new approach to working with clients and helped to get results where previous positive outcomes were seemingly impossible.

Matt is now a certified trainer of IEMT and lectures on the subject on a regular basis. He holds training courses several times per year and works with private clients.

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