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Laura Spicer Chats About…

  1. Why we should only be comparing ourselves with ourselves.

  2. Why she might ask her clients if they would eat dog poo?

  3. When should you see a “traditional therapist” vs. a behavioural “fix-it” change-worker?

  4. The importance and value of a change-worker applying their knowledge on themselves!

  5. How she came to specialise in the area of ‘Oral Communication’.

  6. Why she asks stutterers “where does it feel like it’s getting stuck?”

  7. Is it important to look at “cause” when you work with stammerers?

About Laura

Laura Spicer is highly experienced Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP and particularly specialises in all matters to do with oral communication – public speaking, confidence, charisma and fluency. Her “Spicer method” for helping stammerers and stutterers become more fluent has become well known for its effectiveness.
Over the last 30 years assisting 100’s of people to clear their blocks and to regain hope, happiness and greater personal satisfaction… she has become well known for the speed at which she helps people to affect change.
Her past clients number many CEOs, directors and partners as well as well-known celebrities. In fact, people have travelled to see her from all over the globe to experience her work for themselves.
Additionally, she has worked with Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP) as well as Paul McKenna and other top trainers and teachers for years.
And in recognition of her achievements on the subject of ‘oral communication’ she is the only designated Sound Communications Trainer for the Society of NLP, which is a great honour.
She is also certificated in High Performance Coaching and is qualified as a Master Business Practitioner by MBNLP.
She believes:
  • Whatever difficulties life deals you, or you have created for yourself, it is possible to make very positive changes.
  • In aiming to be happier, healthier, more inspired by and excellent at what you do, and not just putting up with less than ideal.
  • Many people get stuck because THEY BELIEVE the way they feel is ‘JUST the way they are’ but to Laura, it JUST means they haven’t found out yet how to make the desired change.

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Laura’s Recommendations

One of Laura’s Favourite Quotes:

“Happiness isn’t the prize you get for running away from pain”, Richard Bandler.

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