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Richard Bolstad Chats About…

  1. When it comes to change work, sometimes it’s better to “change a light bulb” rather than “rewire the whole house”.

  2. Should it be true, useful or both?

  3. What’s the difference between rapid change and personal growth?

  4. ‘Demonstration phenomena’ – Why demos in front of an audience often work better.

  5. Why your brain has no interest in storing memories of the past.

  6. Can you have empathy but no rapport?

About Richard

Richard Bolstad trains NLP Practitioners and trainers in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia. He has written over 12 books on NLP, and his books are translated into 10 languages. His book “Transforming Communication” has been a core text in several New Zealand university programs. He has been a personal trainer for some top New Zealand business and sports people, including leading New Zealand triathlete Steve Gurney, who says “A BIG thanks to you Richard for the NLP work we did. I’m astounded at how quickly you arrive at a solution. It totally turns my thinking around 180 degrees to a resolved and determined attitude. A much more positive state. Race day was incredibly enjoyable and it was just a breeze. Powerful stuff.”

Steve Andreas, co-developer of NLP and author of “NLP: The New Technology of Achievement” says “Richard Bolstad is one of the finest NLP trainers I know. Besides being personable, engaging, and high energy, he is very skilled, with a rare breadth and depth of knowledge.”  Joseph O’Connor, author of “Successful Selling With NLP”, and “Practical NLP For Managers”, says “Richard’s work will leave you with a deeper knowledge of NLP, whether you are already familiar with the field or not.”

“Having worked in the training and communications field for more than 20 years I have experienced a great number of trainers and speakers, but very few great speakers and trainers. Richard Bolstad is one of those great presenters. His absolute credibility is the result of a depth and breadth of knowledge gained internationally and nationally. Richard has an outstanding reputation in his specialist field of communication and NLP. Richard’s workshops are practical, immediately applicable and fun to experience for the participants in the workshops. The skills taught will bring benefit to both work and personal lives. If there is one speaker you and your people get to this year make sure it’s Richard.” – Phillippa Elliot, Past President of the New Zealand Association for Training and Development, recommending Richard Bolstad’s training to the New Zealand Retailers Association membership.

Richard first trained as a Nurse (RCpN), Teacher (Dip.Tch.Tert.), Psychotherapist (NZAP), Herbalist (Dip. Med. Herb.), Hypnotherapist (Doc. Clinical Hypnotherapy) and became an NLP Trainer with IANLP in 1993. In 1998 and 1999 he trained psychiatrists and aid workers in Bosnia-Herzegovina, beginning a line of work in crisis areas where there has been war or environmental disaster (earthquakes, tsunami) eg in the Russian Caucasus, Japan, Samoa, New Zealand. He utilizes his background as a health professional to make links between his NLP work and the emerging field of neuroscience. He is a certifying teacher of traditional Chinese exercise and meditation (Qigong) with two different schools, and with his partner Julia Kurusheva he facilitates NLP and spirituality workshops around the world.

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