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Felix Chats About…

  1. How & why you could view all therapy as ‘Parts Therapy’

  2. An overview of his ‘4Rs Model’ for change

  3. Having enough “irreverence” in your own beliefs to be open to new things.

  4. Why he doesn’t ‘cure’ people.

  5. How Karl Popper’s ‘Scientific Principle Of Falsifiability’ made him question whether depth of trance is important for creating change.

  6. How hypnosis may be able to do things that the world is not yet ready to believe!

About Felix

Felix is a chartered psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. He has demonstrated rapid-change therapy using clinical hypnosis with a 100% success rate with hyper-phobics on BBC3’s “The Panic Room”, as well as using more conventional psychological approaches on the TV show “Freaky Eaters”.

Felix believes in leading by example so in the course of his TV work he has variously walked over burning coals, jumped out of a plane, broken through a 2 inch wooden board with the palm of his hand, and held all manner of tarantulas, snakes and giant hissing cockroaches to illustrate how we can all learn to manage our anxiety.

Asides from these more dramatic displays of therapy for fears and phobias, Felix has been interviewed on radio and on dozens of articles on the most common psychological conditions affecting modern society: chronic anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, relationship conflicts and the feeling that something is missing is life. He remains passionate about promoting the benefits of modern integrative therapy in all these areas and has written a book on how the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind determines our emotional and mental health.

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