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Mark Chats About…

  1. Why the “brain-chemical” model of depression could be an example of ‘putting the cart before the horse’.

  2. Depression as a sleep disorder?

  3. Unpacking the metaphor of problems being “deep”!

  4. Does the client feeling positive about therapy mean it’s working?

  5. Why spending 20 minutes dealing with a severe trauma could be seen as ‘spending a long time on it.’

About Mark

Mark is an experienced therapist and a gifted trainer and speaker who regularly writes on psychology with a difference. UncommonHelp is his self help guide website. Mark is the co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads, the leading provider of hypnosis downloads, with over 800 self help audio sessions on every kind of psychological issue. Each session is scrupulously researched, carefully crafted, and professionally recorded. A constant stream of testimonials bears witness to the consistently high quality of his work.

At the Hypnosis Download blog Mark writes about the underpinnings of individual sessions, while his monthly newsletter Inspired Minds offers psychological insights to 150,000 subscribers. Mark is also co-founder and Creative Director of Uncommon Knowledge and helped establish a highly regarded diploma course in evidence-based hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. He has trained thousands of therapists.

A keen promoter of the benefits of online training, Mark has worked to put all Uncommon Knowledge therapy  training programs online. He is constantly developing new courses. He has produced several hypnosis DVDs and CDs and taster videos. Mark writes a therapy techniques blog with his thoughts on psychology training (and everything else).

The specific problems of dealing with depression led Mark to develop a depression recovery program, a free website about depression, and an online training course for therapists on how to lift depression fast. He’s also behind another free self help guide website for panic attacks and helped to set up Uncommon Forum, now a leading mental health discussion forum.

Mark frequently gives public seminars to health professionals on self-esteem, trauma and bullying, and is co-author (with Jan Sutton) of The Giant Within. He regularly contributes illuminating and thought provoking psychology articles on a range of sites. He can be seen treating psychotherapy clients inside “Netflix for therapists’ UPTV http://www.unk.com/blog/members/ He has also written a book on reframing New Ways of Seeing: The art of therapeutic reframing

Before he started all this, Mark worked as a psychiatric nurse. So he’s seen it all.

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