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Jaap Hollander Chats About…

  1. What is ‘Provocative Coaching’ and are there any NO GO areas?

  2. Giving people the ‘meta-message’ that they are strong and can handle things.

  3. The ‘resistance response’ vs. the ‘acceptance response’

  4. Why ‘driving phobics’ should practice driving around the corpses!

  5. Why a client feeling ‘confused’ might be a good thing.

About Jaap

Jaap is a Psychologist, Author, NLP Trainer, Provocative Trainer & MindSonar Founder.

Jaap is co-owner of the Institute for Eclectic Psychology, IEP, together with his wife and colleague Anneke Meijer. The IEP is Holland’s oldest NLP institute (12.000+ people trained). Robert Dilts has been teaching for the IEP for 35 years.

He authored eleven books, amongst them ‘Essentials of NLP’ (Dutch, with Lucas Derks), ‘Provocative Coaching’ (English) and ‘Trance and Magic’ (Dutch, about modelling trance rituals in Brazil). He was on the Dutch Quote top 500 business advisors list for as long as it existed. He is a member of the NLP Leadership Summit.

Jaap studied with the founder of provocative therapy, Frank Farrelly, for more than 25 years. He developed a system (called the ‘Farrelly Factors’) for teaching provocative coaching. In the Netherlands he teaches a one year training course in provocative coaching together with Jeffrey Wijnberg.

He co-created the ‘Nano Tech Power Deck’ together with Jennifer DeGand, Graham Dawes, Anneke Meijer and Aude Limet. The Nano Tech Deck is a card game that claims to be ‘NLP in a box’. It can be used to do NLP with yourself. For a rad game it can have surprisingly profound effects. Try it.

He founded ‘MindSonar’, an online system measuring meta programs and Graves drives (Spiral Dynamics distinctions). MindSonar is being used world wide by team builders, coaches and organisational developers.. It is the first contextual test, meaning that is measures how someone thinks in a given situation and that it presupposes people think differently in different situations.

Jaap teaches mostly in the Netherlands, but on occasion in other countries too, like Poland, the USA, Mexico, Colombia and Russia.

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