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Stever Chats About…

  1. Why it might be prudent to hold onto “cockeyed” beliefs that might not be true.

  2. The forces at play that can pull a problem back.

  3. The “roles” we play.

  4. How “confirmation bias” can keep problems stable and change away.

  5. Remembering past events the right way makes a difference.

  6. Why many believe that change can take a long time.

  7. Why learning and change-work might just be the same thing.

About Stever

Stever Robbins is the CEO of IdeasUnleashed.co, which develops programs to help people live extraordinary lives by developing the beliefs, mindsets, decision-making, and business skills needed to take control of their own destinies.

He hosts one of the world’s most popular business podcasts, ‘The Get-it-Done Guy.’ His entire career as a businessperson and executive coach has revolved around helping people and organizations change, learn, and grow.

Stever is a Licensed NLP Master Trainer Elite, with the Society of NLP. He has designed curricula for Harvard Business School and Babson College, and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and on CNN-fn, ABC News Now, and FOX News. He is a graduate of HBS and MIT.

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