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Sarah Chats About…

  1. Setting things up so the client feels in the “driving seat” of change.

  2. The mind-body connection and why it’s better to talk about sex than lemons!

  3. Whether rapid change still happens easily in an online program.

  4. How to transfer good therapy skills, like rapport, out of the therapy room and into a web-based business.

  5. The importance of promoting yourself and creating awareness of the help that’s out there.

About Sarah

Sarah, The Fit Mind Trainer, is a passionate Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist who specialises in developing online services that deliver rapid results.

She has successfully worked with hundreds of clients across the world since ditching her corporate Marketing career back in 2006 to establish her full-time UK Hypnotherapy practise.

Drawing on personal experiences she has overcome many challenging obstacles to become a recognised expert in the field of hypnosis and therapy and is regularly featured in international and national press, including the Daily Mail.

Her fascination for the mind-body response grew whilst living in South America. Access to wide varieties of fresh, nutrient-rich foods, the Latin lust for life, pleasure in exercise and the simple things, initially inspired Sarah to develop her signature FITMIND training program.

This powerful program provides women with answers to the real reasons why they’re struggling to feel fulfilled, aren’t losing weight or achieving their body goals.

This innovative online course is groundbreaking not only in content and rapid results, but also in delivery which takes place entirely over the internet.

Sarah’s unique method of mind-coaching includes both live and recorded hypnosis sessions which underpin the program and are what her FITMIND clients rave about!

Sarah’s enthusiasm for creating momentum for change and teaching her clients how to train your mind to change your body, can be seen in action during one of her mind-boosting live streams, webinars and online masterclasses.

To catch her on one of them visit her social media accounts or her website: www.thefitmindtrainer.com


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