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Joe Chats About…

  1. The value of using your “tools” to help yourself, NOT just your clients.

  2. Utilising the differences between left brain and right brain interactions.

  3. Why taking the client’s problems too seriously may be doing them a disservice.

  4. The psychological reward to the therapist of being empathic could be dangerous for the client.

  5. Why people suffering from depression should NOT use psychoanalysis.

  6. Imposter syndrome and improving your skills set.

About Joe

Joe Kao is an experienced brief therapist and solution-focused hypnotherapist. He has been treating people since 2005, and has worked as both a supervisor and a teacher on psychotherapy training courses. Additionally, he’s a master practitioner of NLP, and is trained in Provocative Therapy and the Human Givens.

Joe is the head scriptwriter at HypnosisDownloads.com, and has co-created several hundred highly-regarded hypnosis recordings, which have been used by over a quarter of a million people.

Joe also teaches Precision Hypnosis, an advanced training course in hypnotherapy with Uncommon Knowledge.

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