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Helen Chats About…

  1. The role of Hypnotherapy within the medical community.

  2. The difficulties of regulations within Hypnotherapy.

  3. The sometimes unhelpful and unintentional hypnotists lurking in the medical establishments.

  4. Rapport and seeming like the “old trusted friend”.

  5. And why more important than “rapid” is “lasting”.

About Helen

Helen is an experienced hypnotherapist, and intensive care nurse. She created the only NHS primary care IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Hypnotherapy Service, which boasted a 97% success rate of reduced symptoms, and 100% patient satisfaction, and continues her work in private practice. Helen has published in respected medical journals, and won national awards for her innovative work. Her training in specialised IBS therapy is used by practitioners worldwide. She has presented at national and international conferences. She has been interviewed by several organisations, including BBC radio, the National Council of Hypnotherapy, The Nursing Standard journal, The Sunday Express magazine and NBC South Korea.

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